Business transformation is no longer a solely process-centric effort. A truly resilient and self-improving company takes automation to all business areas, from operations to people, culture, and the integration of systems, to guarantee its success over time. But where do you begin and how do you define the use cases? 

Bechtle’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solution Discovery Workshop is designed to quickly identify the suitability for implementing an RPA solution with your organisation.

Typical use cases and outcomes are to:

  • Meet compliance and regulations
  • Operate on a 24/7 ‘service always on’ basis
  • Reduce risk and increase accuracy
  • Increase productivity and workers’ wellbeing

This workshop enables you to understand the potential cost savings, assess the ability for you to implement RPA using single or multiple process workstreams, and define your RPA business/technical use cases and benefits.


Why choose this package?

  • To define and design a clear RPA solution that meets your business requirements
    and is tailored to you
  • To quickly determine the fit of RPA for your business, with clear use cases and justification
  • Understand the potential cost savings and increased productivity of implementing RPA



Why Bechtle?

  • Europe’s largest IT Solutions provider
  • Delivering Document Solutions for 30+ years
  • Broad range of professional services, provided by certified engineers
  • End to end support across industry leading IT vendors


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