Having good WiFi coverage that provides easy management, within a restricted budget, can be a challenge. 


With Bechtle’s WiFi for Schools assessment, you will receive a detailed site survey of your school’s current WiFi environment, as well as a detailed report featuring a recommended bill of materials, and changes to improve coverage. With this information, you’ll achieve a much better understanding of your current WLAN, and can subsequently take the necessary actions to help you meet the increasing demand on WiFi networks. With the WiFi for Schools assessment, you’ll receive free design services, an onsite survey, plus recommendations for an easy to manage solution.


We will work with you to understand existing challenges and work on developing a solution that benefits you on a day-to-day basis. It doesn’t stop there, Bechtle will support and organise the installation of the new WiFi solution, plus provide 1 year of FREE management licensing on certain devices to get you kick started managing your new WiFi solution via the cloud. 

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Why choose this package?

  • Receive a detailed overview of your current WiFi performance ​
  • First year of licences FREE
  • Expert design services ​
  • Easy to manage cloud solution​ with 24x7 telephone support​
  • Bechtle assured installation



Why Bechtle?

  • A great understanding of the education market with over 25 years experience
  • Vendor neutral
  • Open to schools of all types and sizes
  • High-performance portfolio (tailored to schools)


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