Meet the new

Pixel 8a

Pixel 8a is engineered by Google and built with your business in mind. 

With helpful AI at its centre, the Pixel 8a is the latest addition to Google’s affordable Pixel line-up, providing you with the productivity, security and support features that your business needs. The premium features and technology let you and your team do more without breaking the bank.

Make distracting sounds disappear.
Audio Magic Eraser1 reduces distracting noises in video like cars and wind, so you can hear the sounds you want.


To-do’s, ta-done.
Phone calls, to-do lists, planning for almost anything, Google AI makes it even easier to get things done.


Circle to Search.
Just draw a circle around an image or text, even in a video.2 Google AI finds it fast – directly from the app that you're in.


Do more using your voice.
Ask Gemini to read web pages out loud or translate them for you. And you can write messages twice as fast with your voice.


What you need, when you need it.
At a Glance shows useful info without unlocking your phone, like live travel updates, weather alerts and more.

Security you can
depend on

Google AI-powered

Premium performance
at an affordable price

  • At least 7 years of automatic security updates help protect your organisation’s data from constantly evolving security threats.3
  • The Google Tensor G3 security core works with the certified Titan M2 security chip to provide multiple layers of security and help keep business information safe.4 
  • Google Tensor G3’s faster processing makes Pixel even more personal and helpful, while using less power and memory.5
  • With Circle to Search, circle or highlight what you’re searching for to find what you need, without switching apps.2
  • Manual Call Screen uses advanced Google AI to filter out spam.6
  • Designed to last beyond 24 hours with Adaptive Battery or up to 72 hours with Extreme Battery Saver.7
  • With Pixel Feature Drops, Google delivers year-round updates to bring the latest features and improvements.8
  • With its durable design and IP67 protection, Pixel 8a can handle slips, spills, and dust.9 Plus it has a scratch-resistant display, with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3.
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Why is Pixel a good fit for business?

Pixel is the Google-powered smartphone that's built for business. Easily customised, deployed and managed: Pixel combines strong security features with the latest Google technology, empowering businesses to reimagine the way they work and equip employees with high performing mobile devices.


It's built with both business and AI at its centre, providing the productivity, security, and support features that your business needs. The Pixel 8a has the premium features and technology that will help you do more without breaking the bank.

Google Pixel 8a

AI that caters to your business and its existing workflows

Help making calls. And avoiding them.

Pixel caters to your business with tailored features like Pixel Call Assist and Google Assistant. Pixel Call Assist helps to prevent your team wasting their workday from long holds and spam calls, with Call Screen, Hold for Me and more.


Google Assistant lends a hand by translating web pages or drafting emails twice as fast by listening to your voice.

Features not available in all languages and countries.

AI-powered features that make your workday easier

Search documents and enhance images in an instant.

With Google AI on the Pixel 8a, you and your team can not only enhance photos but also search everything needed for your day-to-day. 

When your team is reviewing documents from customers or business partners on their Pixel 8a device, they can analyse components by using Circle to Search to quickly circle the image, text or video straight from the app that they are in so that Google AI can find it fast.

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1. Requires Google Photos app. May not work on all audio elements.
2. Requires an Internet connection and compatible apps and surfaces. Results may vary depending on visual matches.
3. Pixel updates for 7 years from when the device first became available on the Google Store in the US. See for details.
4. Common Criteria certification for hardware and cryptographic library. See for details.
5. Compared to phones with Google Tensor G2 chip. 
6. Not available in all countries or languages. See for details. 
7. For “over 24 hours”: Estimated battery life based on testing using a median Pixel user battery usage profile across a mix of talk, data,
standby, and use of other features. Average battery life during testing was at least 31 hours. For “Up to 72 hours”: Estimated battery life based on testing using a median Pixel user battery usage profile across a mix of talk, data, standby, and use of limited other features that are default in Extreme Battery Saver mode (which disables various features including 5G connectivity). For both claims: Battery testing conducted on a major U.S. operator network in California in late 2023 on pre-production hardware and software using default settings, except that, for the “up to 72 hours” claim only, Extreme Battery Saver mode was enabled. Tests began
with phones fully charged. Battery life depends upon many factors and usage of certain features will decrease battery life. Actual battery life may be lower. 
8. See for details on when your Pixel is eligible to receive Feature Drops. Availability of some Feature Drops may vary.
9. Designed to comply with dust and water protection rating IP67 under IEC standard 60529 when each device leaves the factory but the device is not water or dust proof. The accessories are not water or dust resistant. Water resistance and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and will diminish or be lost over time due to normal wear and tear, device repair, disassembly or damage. Phone is not drop/tumble proof and dropping your device may result in loss of water/dust resistance. Damage from drops, tumbles, slips, and other external forces are not covered under warranty. Liquid damage voids the warranty. See for details.