IBM Watson – The innovative AI-platform for enterprises.

Digital assistants are used today in many areas—for example to communicate with customers or help the support department. These assistants use artificial intelligence to make their communication resemble human communication.

And they’re getting closer all the time.

Many of them can even communicate better than some people. In early May 2018, the head of Google, Sundar Pichai, presented the latest version of the new Google assistant in his Google I/O 2018 keynote1. It’s now so advanced that it can distinguish between different people.

But what platform will digital assistants develop on?

One platform that concentrates on developing digital assistants is IBM Watson.

IBM Watson solutions and APIs understand all forms of data, can determine business critical insights and use the potential of Cognitive Computing. Best of all, Watson can be used to develop virtual agents and chatbots that answer customers’ questions quickly and efficiently while continuing to learn.

Benefits of IBM Watson:

The system can analyse and interpret data such as unstructured text, images, audio and video.

The software uses AI to recognise users’ personality, tone and mood.

IBM Watson offers personalised recommendations.

Machine learning features can be used to integrate knowledge databases.

Digital assistants and chatbots can communicate with customers.

Ready for further development.

IBM Watson is available for developers as a set of open APIs and SaaS products. There are also starter kits that include examples of code to be used as is or developed further. In next to no time, your developers will be able to develop, test and deploy bots or virtual agents for mobile devices in addition to messaging platforms and even robots.

And best of all, the IBM PaaS “Bluemix” solution even lets you test APIs in advance.

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