Launching Extended Security Updates (ESUs) for SQL Server 2014

On 1st June 2024, volume licensing SKUs of Extended Security Updates for SQL Server 2014 become available on CSP.


ESU Year 1 for SQL Server 2014 starts on 10th July 2024, and ends on 8th July 2025. Purchases made before 10th July 2024, will be billed in the billing period of purchase. The coverage of ESU will be available starting on 10th July 2024, and will extend past the purchase period until 8th July 2025.

REMINDER: Changes to Power BI Premium Capacity licensing

Microsoft have announced the retirement date of Power BI Premium Capacity SKU’s (P1-P5).

To allow for easier transition, Microsoft have allowed P SKU users to access all of the Fabric suite capabilities.

*New Customers will not be able to purchase Power BI Premium Capacity past 1st July 2024.

*After 1st January 2025, existing Power BI Premium Capacity customers will need to transition to the Fabric SKU’s upon renewal.

Important update coming to Power BI Premium licensing | Microsoft Power BI Blog | Microsoft Power BI

MOQ for Finance & SCM Premium

With the introduction of Finance & Supply Chain Management Premium to the Dynamics ERP stack this year, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) has been established at ten licenses for each.


Minimum purchase requierments

Customers buying licenses trough any program must meet following minimum purchase requierements:

20 x Finance, Supply Chain Management, Project Operations, or Commerce

10 x Finance Premium, or Supply Chain Management Premium

5 x Human Resources



Changes to Power Automate Licensing

Microsoft has discontinued the Hosted RPA add-on license, introducing the new ‘Hosted Process’ license in its place. This new license holds the same value as a ‘Process license’ but also includes a virtual machine for running unattended automation. Therefore, it’s no longer an ‘add-on’ but a full standalone license.

Frequently asked questions about Power Automate licensing - Power Platform | Microsoft Learn

Viva Glint will be generally available through Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs) on 1st July 2024

Viva Glint will be generally available on CSP on 1st July 2024.

Commercial customers can purchase the standalone Viva Glint SKU across all sales channels.

Viva Glint is already available as part of the Viva Suite SKU and the Viva Glint charity SKU is available for qualifying customers.

The minimum seat purchase requirement for Viva Glint is 50 seats. Customers must also have a base Entra SKU to deploy Viva Glint. Viva Glint is an enterprise-wide product so the license count should be equal to the number of users in Viva Glint.