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Bechtle IT System House Freiburg.

Founded in 1984, the IT system house joined the Bechtle Group in 1999, providing IT solutions in client management, server & storage and other customized services.

Bechtle GmbH IT System House Freiburg

Leinenweberstraße 1

79108 Freiburg-Hochdorf

Phone: +49 761 8832-0

Fax: +49 761 8832-200



Dr. Oliver Kriessl

Managing Director

Udo Stiefvater

Managing Director

  • Founded in: 1984 (Kühn & Weyh Computervertrieb GmbH)
  • Vocational training provided for: IT management & informatics (applied informatics, software engineering, application management, sales & consulting), IT systems integration specialist, IT system management
  • Competence Center: Collaboration & Mobility

Cisco Competence Centre: 

  • Borderless networks, unified communications, data centre and security

Collaboration & Mobility Competence Centre: 

  • Enterprise mobility, Office 365, MS SharePoint, IBM Notes/Domino

Data protection & information security: 

  • Data Protection-as-a-Service, IT security strategies, IT security audits, penetration testing

Freiburg Service Operation Centre: 

  • Managed service desk, managed workplace, managed infrastructure, managed VoIP, managed Security and technical support

Microsoft solutions: 

  • Licence consulting, software asset management, integration of MS cloud services such as Azure and Office 365

Consulting services: 

  • Cloud strategy consulting, enterprise architecture management, risk management


  • High-tech demo centre with numerous prepared scenarios to illustrate unified communication, business collaboration, enterprise mobility and other solutions
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