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Individual solutions

Bechtle’s certified consultants devise workspace concepts for organisations on a daily basis. These are customised concepts that reduce IT costs and guarantee system functionality – because IT should work for you, not the other way around.


‘Workspaces’ include desktops, notebooks, tablets and thin clients. With our managed workplace services, we ensure full functionality at the lowest possible cost, and offer the best solutions to modernise and optimise the workspace.


We reduce costs by providing cost-efficient IT infrastructures and optimised workspace concepts. You can count on our years of experience and proven track record for over 500,000 customers.


We are brand-independent, and as an independent partner, we work with best-in-class providers to offer custom-made workspace solutions.


We optimise your workspace, and offer innovative mobility solutions and flexible applications based on a managed workplace, so that your IT serves your business processes.


Whether it’s mobile solutions, virtual clients, printing or the use of software, our certified specialists are on hand to seamlessly integrate custom-made solutions.




  • Advice from experienced consultants
  • Lifecycle management and standardisation
  • Roll-out: plug & play/delivery with pre-installed software
  • Removal of old equipment and, where applicable, cash-back


Daniel Maelissa

Workspace Consultant


T  +31 40 760 2880



Bechtle is brand-independent and works with best-in-class partners – so you can be certain of getting the best solution!