Sustainability at Bechtle –

  How we bring the environment and digital IT together.


Sustainability at Bechtle
How we bring the environment and digital IT together.

As a leading IT partner in Europe, how do we minimise our impact on the climate? As a leading IT partner in Europe, how do we minimise our impact on the climate? How can sustainable innovation and forward-thinking IT solutions help conserve our environment? Did you know that our Service Hub in Maastricht offers no-packaging shipping solutions? Let’s take a look at this and other sustainable initiatives that we drive to align our IT solutions and services with a green future.

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Bechtle NEXT – Together we care

Bechtle NEXT hybrid – Together we care will be all about the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). At Bechtle, we’re always working towards these goals, but the UN asks every organisation to do its part. At Bechtle NEXT, we invite SDG experts and customers to help your organisation on its journey. How can you make sure that SDGs become integral to the way you do business? What steps have similar organisations taken to get where they are now?

Join us at Bechtle NEXT to find out answers to these questions (and more). Want to stay in the loop on the event? Keep an eye on our website for more information soon.

Sustainable IT solutions.

Every aspect of IT has something to do with sustainability. Green IT aims to minimise the carbon footprint and other impact on the environment throughout its lifecycle—from manufacturing to transportation, to its use, administration and eventual disposal or recycling. One way to advance sustainability is Bechtle’s Device as a Service (DaaS) offering.

We determine emissions associated with the devices that are used all the time (phones, tablets, laptops and desktops) and scrutinise the entire lifecycle of our DaaS solution to make its real carbon footprint transparent. We work with trusted suppliers who pursue sustainability policies that align with ours, and who also strive to be upfront about their impact. In order to enhance sustainability in logistics, we use 80 per cent recycled cardboard and paper to pack both bulk shipments and each individual delivery.

How you can offset e-waste as a Bechtle customer

Nowadays, e-waste compensation is more often a requirement than a wish for governments and other public organizations when new devices are ordered. That is why we offer e-waste compensation as a sustainable service through our partner Closing the Loop. Closing the Loop is a Dutch party that specializes in e-waste compensation and has Approved Collector status in the TCO Certified Edge, E-waste Compensated program.

Closing the Loop helps organizations take steps towards sustainable consumption. Through their compensation service, they make electronics such as smartphones and laptops 'waste neutral'. Curious about our collaboration with Closing the Loop? You can read all about it via the button below.


The Bechtle service offering.

Our Service Hub in Maastricht offers services that create real added value for our customers across our Bechtle and ARP brands. We offer a broad range of sustainability-focused services in particular for workplace products, such as low-packaging shipping solutions. We also work to minimise the waste of valuable resources. For instance, we have invested in a machine to compress polystyrene packaging material, which we then resell as raw material for new products. 

Smart containers used in our warehouse detect when they are filled to capacity. Only then are they picked up by our logistics partner to make sure we are not putting half-empty trucks on the road. We’re also piloting 100% electronic delivery. All these initiatives and more are how we work towards a sustainable future.

Want to know more? In our video, Annemieke Meijer, Head of Services at ARP, offers more insights into our sustainable service offering.


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