Device Servers

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                      Small but mighty device servers

                      Do you want to manage your network printers from a single, central location? Or  add a new printer to your network even though it doesn’t have a network interface? Unless your printer adapter already has an integrated server, you’ll need an external print server. Device servers have various purposes, chief among which is providing access to peripherals through your corporate network and also ensuring that tasks are properly routed. They also enable multiple employees to use the same device.


                      The right device server for every process

                      Our online shop carries a diverse selection of device servers to handle various jobs in your company’s network. In addition to print servers, scan servers, dongle servers and serial servers, we also offer different types of USB network adapters from a variety of trusted manufacturers, such as SEH and Silex. Each product page provides all the details you need regarding accessories, delivery times and manufacturer services.


                      Simple selection process

                      Our Bechtle online shop features over 70,000 products in total and offers extensive filter options to help you find the right ones to meet your company’s requirements. Narrow down your choices by manufacturer, price range and various specifications. You’ll then be shown specific products, including all the details you need for an informed decision. When searching for print servers, for example, you can choose to filter out external or internal devices, then fine-tune the selection to show only Wi-Fi or RJ45 options. Additional criteria include network type and supported interfaces. And if you still have questions, our product managers will be happy to assist you.