The hybrid workplace

Not sure how to set up your perfect hybrid workplace? Not even sure what that is?

There are differing views on what a ‘hybrid workplace’ and ‘hybrid work’ mean. Some would say that it’s about splitting your time between working from the office and from home, but we are of the opinion that it’s much more than that. On the one hand, it’s all about the specific products and services, and on the other related aspects such as policies.

To get started on configuring your own hybrid workplace, you need a concept that covers it all. From your company’s existing IT infrastructure and the requirements of your teams to bringing security into the 21st Century, it’s time for a rethink.

The new hybrid way of working should encourage your team and exploit the full potential of digitalisation.

How to foster a hybrid workplace

In this whitepaper, we take an in-depth look into all things hybrid workplace. How do you create an efficient hybrid workplace? And how can you combine all aspects to really get the best out of it?


Advantages of Hybrid Workplace


Benefits of the hybrid workplace:

  • Lower costs – You save on office space by using the room you have intelligently
  • Enhanced collaboration – No matter where your staff is
  • Greater employee well-being – Benefit from a better work/life balance
  • More innovation – Create more room for creativity and developing new ideas
  • Boosted productivity – Employees change their place of work according to the job in hand to achieve more
  • Attractive employer – Appeal to the younger generations with up-to-date offerings.


Setting up a hybrid workplace – Covering all the bases.

The term ‘hybrid workplace’ covers the offices that you need to reconfigure, but also employees’ home-based workspaces. Productivity can be fostered in the office by creating smart zones for brainstorming, focused working and collaboration.

Good collaboration will require an emphasis on your meeting rooms, but when it comes to updating desk space, you’ll need to think about headsets, (wireless) keyboards, mice and webcams. Then there are the ergonomics to consider on top of collaboration tools, cybersecurity strategy and device management.

Set up the hybrid workplace
Need help setting up your hybrid workplace? 

Give your employees the flexible workspace they need to work productively and securely wherever they are.

Sounds like a lot of work? We are happy to support you as you lay the foundations for your hybrid workplaces. Get in touch with our expert!

Sven van Dorst

Solution Advisor Workspace


Sven van Dorst

Solution Advisor Workspace

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