Storage solutions.

Does your storage solution still
meet your organisation’s needs?

Many businesses spend an excessive amount of money on hardware because they don’t have accurate data on how it is used, but we can give you some insights and tips. Want to find out more?

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Storage solutions.

Does your storage solution still meet your organisation’s needs?


Many businesses spend an excessive amount of money on hardware because they don’t have accurate data on how it is used, but we can give you some insights and tips. Want to find out more?



The best storage solution for your business.

Data are invaluable to your business, but management becomes ever more complex as you grow and as storage systems reach their limits, they cause slow performance, frustration or worse. The result? Application failure. Looking for a specific plan for the future to mitigate your concerns regarding data security and integrity?

Today’s storage solutions need to be able to handle a large volume of structured and unstructured data, but also provide fast access to application data and comply with legal requirements. If your storage solution is reaching the end of its life, the impact could be significant as management requires more time, is less secure and productivity slows to a crawl. You need a dynamic, scalable and integrated storage solution to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

On-premise vs cloud storage.

When it comes to choosing the right storage solution for you, you have two choices—on-premise and the cloud. Both offer unique benefits and capabilities and can even be combined into a hybrid storage strategy.


Control over every byte. An on-premise storage solution provides a safe haven for your data that you have control of. Your data remains on-site meaning you can be sure of high performance and low availability, which makes this the perfect solution for mission-critical applications. You retain control giving you the reassurance of ownership and security. An on-premise solution is the optimum choice for businesses looking for a structured and manageable environment.

Cloud storage

Discover the flexibility of cloud storage for ever-changing business needs. You’ll always have the right capacities as you can scale up or down with ease plus you’ll also benefit from direct access to
advanced data applications and third-party AI technologies without having to invest heavily in infrastructure. Cloud storage offers an efficient, flexible and cost-efficient path towards digital innovation that suits
today’s dynamic business landscape.

Discover more about cloud storage solutions

New applications in on-premise storage solutions

On-premise storage solutions leverage advanced technologies such as snapshots, deduplication and compression to help you efficiently organise and store your data, store more in less space and access the data you need quickly This isn’t just saving. This is smart storage. With efficient organisation, critical data can be retrieved faster, which in turn may improve your business performance.


On-premise with cloud-like management

Maintain full control of our data and how you manage, secure and use it. You don’t need third parties or an internet connection to access your data. Everything is in one place plus modern on-premise storage come with cloud-like management tools that allow you to easily analyse and move your data around using an intuitive user interface. Manage your storage solution without the need for code or complex processes.


Optimal use of AI and autonomous operations

In the dynamic world of IT, it’s a constant challenge trying to keep up with firmware compliance and security. Ever been frustrated by trying to keep pace with all the requirements while also trying to avoid application errors and unexpected downtime? This is where modern on-premise storage solutions come in, offering autonomously operated AI features to manage firmware and security. They also maintain, update, and repair themselves, detect problems, and take automatic steps to correct them meaning you have to worry less about compliance and security risks and can focus on what really matters. But what about those moments when every second counts and you need data right away? These storage solutions are optimised for minimal latency and maximum throughput, both of which are crucial for running your applications smoothly and ensuring your teams can work efficiently.

Modern storage solutions – Your essential business continuity tool.

Making the right strategic choice of storage solution is essential to meet ever-changing business and technology needs. A modern storage solution lays a strong foundation that allows your business to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow and the following is a list of benefits that make a modern storage solution indispensable when it comes to business continuity and growth:

  • Secure from the ground up – Modern storage solutions are designed to better resist cyberattacks.
  • Smart and fast – Boost efficiency with advanced data format and storage technologies that give you faster access to critical information.
  • User-friendliness – With AI applications and cloud-like management, it’s easier than every to manage your storage.
  • Faster – Integrating technologies such as NVMe can dramatically increase data processing speeds.
  • Sustainability – Today’s storage solutions use less energy making them both more efficient and sustainable!


Purchase options – CapEx, OpEx or STaaS

There are several ways to purchase a storage solution—CapEx (one-time investment), OpEx (ongoing costs) or as-a-Service. STaaS (Storage as a Service) is a flexible model where you pay for what you use, but the final choice comes down to a number of factors such as budget, cash flow, tax benefits and growth expectations. CapEx is the perfect choice for continuous data demands, while OpEx and STaaS allow much greater flexibility. Of course, we will discuss with you the options available and which best suits your personal situation.


CapEx, OpEx or STaaS

Your path to the ideal storage solution with Bechtle.

At Bechtle, we take the time to understand your specific needs so you benefit from tailored advice and whether your current storage solution is up to scratch to deal with whatever the future holds.

We will work with you to see if your storage solution still meets your business needs. Many businesses over diagnose and spend an excessive amount of money on hardware because they don’t have accurate data on how it is used, but we can help you optimise your workloads so you can work more cost-effectively. We do so by analysing the status quo, potential expansions and future plans by carrying out a remote audit.

Here’s how we can help in three easy steps:


Introductory meeting

We will get together to discuss what your organisation needs if there are any specific issues, wishes or requirements, and your future expectations. To see what your organisation is up against and where you want to go, we’ll put your IT infrastructure under the microscope. What jumps out at us? Where do we see room for improvement? And most importantly, how can we resolve specific pain points?




The audit is carried out remotely and securely. A VM will run in your IT environment for a week scanning everything. Are there areas you’d rather we didn’t have access to? Not a problem. That’s easy to set up.





After the audit, we discuss our finding with you and, if necessary, plan a second session to gain an even more in-depth insight before providing a report containing our analysis and advice within one week. 

The VM used to remotely scan your environment is called Live Optics. It streams the workload from your storage, data protection, server and file systems to an online analysis engine and then measures, analyses and collating workload characteristics to help you make smarter choices.

The Live Optics dashboard summarises each systems’ individual performance and workloads so you can identify areas where the system can work more efficiently at potentially lower costs. It also counts CPUs and cores, memory and storage data along with actual usage per component and total IOPS. We then expand this to per server and VM data. 

Our report will also include our recommended products and/or services and if required, we can discuss next steps towards a future-proof storage solution,

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