Component Accessories

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            Keep hardware performance at its finest

            Many components can only achieve their full potential with the right accessories to make them more versatile or extend their life. You’ll find matching accessories for virtually all components in our online shop. Simply search for what you need in the various categories of component accessories to find the perfect item. This may be a particular port expansion or perhaps an adapter.


            Find recommended accessories on the product page

            Component-specific accessories are recommended in the product details, so you can determine immediately which accessories match your purchase. For instance, leatherette pouches are suggested for various USB sticks, ensuring safe, stylish storage and transportation. While you may not have thought about it initially, this sort of accessory fulfils an important role. Some accessories are more complex, such as adapters and expansion modules, which our expert product managers will be happy to advise you on.


            Think accessories are trivial? Think again!

            If you’re hunting for a specific accessory, use our shop’s filters to narrow down your choices by product group. You’ll find accessories for controllers, hard drives, enclosures, video cards and optical drives. Hundreds of products are available from leading manufacturers such as Delock, Hama, Lindy and Rittal. Some of them—such as mounting accessories for monitors or PC casings—are even needed in order for your main product to function properly.