Cloud solutions for healthcare and hospitals

Is your healthcare organisation already part of the cloud? Or are you still in doubt? Did you know that we can take full responsibility for your cloud services? Besides selling cloud services we also offer Managed Cloud Services. Getting one foot in the cloud can entail many advantages for your core business and make your IT department more flexible giving you the leeway you need for innovations. Discover the advantages of the cloud for your organisation.

As a healthcare provider, it’s in your best interest to focus on your core business. It’s come to our attention that our customers’ IT departments are increasingly outsourcing certain IT projects while wanting to stay in control of them. More flexibility, standardisation, simplification of the IT landscape and innovation are the most important advantages of outsourcing. plus your IT team wastes less time on tedious administration.

Here at Bechtle we have realised that customers in healthcare are not only outsourcing jobs but are also moving their IT into the cloud. This goes for customers in care and cure segments and comes as no surprise as besides the basic advantages for your organisation and employees such as saving costs and flexible use of IT resources and less administration, it also offers more specific advantages for your employees.

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The advantages of the cloud for the healthcare sector

  • Patient data is available faster and easier – There are fewer downtimes so that healthcare providers always have quick access to patient and customer data.
  • Flexibility and mobility for administration – Cloud solutions can be scaled easier for a large amount of end users or new services.
  • Mobile healthcare providers – Cloud infrastructures enable employees working in out-patient treatment to access their work environment from anywhere, using any devices.
  • Better collaboration with patients – Working in the cloud can improve the quality of care. Patients can reduce hospital visits or the time to diagnosis is shorter.
  • Lower costs – Cloud solutions help to reduce overhead costs as they enable you to scale up or down, depending on what your company needs.

Challenges in moving into the cloud

A recent study on cloud and IT procurement has shown1 that the healthcare sector is gradually accepting the advantages of the cloud. There’s a lot left to do in years to come, particularly in the fields of:

  • Electronic medical data cards (eGK);
  • Personal health environment (PGO);
  • Domotics;
  • Internal administration.

The biggest challenges healthcare facilities face when moving into the cloud are:

  • Integration problems;
  • Compliance requirements;
  • Ensuring the security of the systems involved.

    Why Bechtle?

    The most-used public cloud solution in healthcare right now is Microsoft Azure, but here at Bechtle we offer different public and private cloud options. We consult you without trying to pitch a certain manufacturer, and instead try to find the solution that best suits your organisation. Whether you trust your cloud partner or you want to find your own way into the cloud and need help,

    as a professional and certified company, we can not only offer you cloud services, but an all-inclusive service package. We offer many different Managed Cloud Services.

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