All inclusive service package for workplaces in healthcare and hospitals

Offering care—this is what your organisation is about. IT isn’t your main focus but it can however be an important crutch for supporting your care staff in their daily work. We can take your IT department’s tasks such as device management and logistics processes out of their hands. Your IT department will play a leading role and your employees will get to work with high quality devices and services.

Looking for an all inclusive service package?

You can now procure workplaces and smartphones as Device as a Service solutions from us.
But did you know that we will step into your shoes so that we can offer solutions for your entire IT infrastructure? Get in touch with Frank, Account Manager in the Bechtle Health team
to discuss the details


We know that you as a healthcare provider or hospital are confronted with many challenges.

Our experienced Health team discusses these problems with customers from the health sector on a daily basis:

  • Your health institution or hospital’s IT department is steadily getting smaller.
  • IT is developing fast and your IT workers have to keep up with the pace. It’s nigh on impossible to stay up-to-date with all the latest developments.
  • Budgets are being cut, which means that you can’t always hire specialists. Your IT department is being nudged to make even more savings, even though IT is important for your organisation. With the right IT equipment, your workers can provide care faster and better.
  • End users often don’t have the knowledge to handle IT independently and require additional support.
  • For the reasons mentioned above, you often don’t have the resources to quickly provide your employees with a new device or to help them with repairs quickly and efficiently.


With Device as a Service (DaaS) for the healthcare sector, we can solve this problem for you.


We take everything into our own hands so that you can focus on what’s important.

The newest devices, including lifecycle services

We offer your employees first-level IT support

Why DaaS is interesting for the healthcare sector

In recent years we have noticed an increasing demand for our Device as a Service solution, especially in the healthcare sector. Why is this solution so interesting?

  • Your IT department will take on a leading role because we take on tasks such as support and logistics. We also prepare your devices for use, so your employees can get cracking!
  • Replace the imaging process in your organisation with the convenience of Windows Autopilot. We can also run the entire show for you.
  • In many health institutions and hospitals, CMDB registration is not compliant. Are you aware of all the devices that are circulating in your organisation? We can help by providing insights and discussing a plan of action.
  • Thanks to our workplace solutions we make use of the entire life span of your devices, extending it by 10%.
  • Employee satisfaction in your organisation will rise because your staff always have new devices that work. We help you with implementation and offer fast repairs.
  • This will make you a more attractive employer for new talent as new and useful technology is an important factor for new employees.

DaaS e-book

Want more on DaaS?

You want to know more about Device as a Service? Download the free e-book. In it we answer the question of how DaaS works. What are the advantages? How can we apply this solution in your organisation?


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Bechtle and Intrakoop join forces.

Last month, Bechtle and Intrakoop signed an agreement which sees Bechtle becoming a supplier and reliable partner in the field of complete IT solutions. Its dedicated healthcare team has been supported healthcare institutions in the Netherlands for many years with its vendor-agnostic and in-house specialists in all things hardware, software, on-prem and off-prem solutions. Want to find out more about this partnership?