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Advancing digitalisation, technical innovations, mobile communication, cloud services and the ever-growing volumes of data are placing our networks under enormous pressure. New concepts and solutions are needed as demands rise. It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to create visibility and transparency into which data are sent through the network, which users and end devices communicate with each other, and which resources and applications are accessed in order to achieve the best possible transfer quality and security for business-critical data and applications. It’s for this reason that topics such as network security, Quality of Service (QoS), network analytics, automation as well as new approaches in the field of SDN, such as intent-based networking with a focus on business requirements, are coming to the fore.

As a result, modern networks have to be able to adapt highly dynamically to changing requirements. Security and Quality-of-Service policies must be uniformly adjustable throughout the entire company – and fast. Automating management steps and processes not only supports IT agility but also lowers TCOs and boosts network efficiency.

With Bechtle Networking Solutions, we ensure that your corporate network becomes the bedrock for high-performance IT and thus contributes to your business success. Choose the right materials to build a strong foundation and future-proof your network.

Bechtle networking solutions –
Benefits for your modern IT infrastructure.

With our many years of networking experience, you can only benefit:

Planning and solutions consulting with our experts.

Scalable, flexible and reliable LAN, WAN and WLAN and data centre networks.

Secure integration of mobile end devices.

High-performance connectivity for your applications including real-time apps such as voice and video communication.

End-to-end network security.

Holistic network management solutions.

Managed Services. Efficient operations and Network as a Service from a single source.

Optimum support for your cloud strategy.

What do you expect from a modern IT infrastructure?

A modern IT infrastructure should be flexible, easily scalable and durable, highly secure and keep company costs to an absolute minimum. It is, however, a different story at many organisations. By investing in the strategic modernisation of your network infrastructure, you are creating the perfect basis for high-performing IT. Leverage future-oriented technologies to configure a flexible, scalable, secure and low maintenance network and benefit from our comprehensive managed services and as a Service models. We work with you to develop the perfect solution for your needs.


Cloud-readiness – New challenges need new architectures.

Today’s IT world would be unimaginable without the cloud. Corporate networks and clouds are becoming intrinsically linked, no matter if used as private or hybrid clouds or as an SaaS. This affects network architectures and in some areas demands whole new approaches.

The topics of software-defined, virtualisation, end-to-end security and the automation of infrastructure deployment and operation are never too far away when it comes to data centre networks, corporate LAN and WLAN or location networking. 

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