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Due to the growing number of devices and mobile workspaces, network management is becoming increasingly complex. Therefore, IT managers have less time to support business and focus on innovations. Discover what our flexible, tailor-made connectivity solutions can do for your company.

Your employees want to be able to work from any location and are thus becoming increasingly mobile. This is great, of course, but this brings with it a lot of challenges for your company. Data traffic is growing considerably  because of the increasing number of devices and decentralised LAN connections.

Thus, network management is only going to be more and more complex. It'll become increasingly difficult to check, manage and secure all those connections.


  • The ‘Consumerisation of IT’: The changing relationship between business and IT;
  • Shadow IT: business and private IT are mingled;
  • Security and privacy;
  • Lack of insight and control;
  • The vastly increasing need for bandwidth;
  • The expectation of Generation Z to always be connected.
Why choose Bechtle?

Bechtle offers flexible tailor-made solutions that you can easily manage yourself. This means that you gain more control over and insight into your network, leaving you with more time for other things.

At Bechtle, we believe it's important that your IT works for you, not the other way around, so we won't be satisfied until our connectivity solutions are working optimally and IT department can relax. With our solutions, you'll hardly need our support afterwards because you can easily manage it yourself.

If you do have any questions, you can always contact us, so you can focus on your core business. IT should contribute to  success and not stand in its way.

A few examples...

Flexible design

IT managers are faced with the challenge of responding quickly to changes.  Innovations in the fields of network, security and communication tools require a flexible future-ready design. Connectivity is the road network of IT infrastructure.

Dynamic Networking

Network load, both in data centres and on the LAN, has been increasing for years, . A dynamic network makes it easier to respond to changing demands. Automating tasks lowers the TCO even when it comes to network management. Design your network for the future.

Internal and external security for your network

Prevent cybercrimeAvailability and security are two subjects that many IT departments are struggling with. A company network must be able to respond to malware, DDoS-attacks and other forms of cybercrime. A firewall alone no longer offers enough protection. At the same time, availability must be good.

Bechtle can advise you about the best approach. A growing range of devices communicate via the network and the amount of data is exploding. These developments have a major impact on the required security. New threats demand flexible, scalable security solutions. Bechtle considers IT security from a wider perspective, across the entire IT infrastructure, and network security is a vital component.

Flexible Networking

Networking is becoming bigger and more complex. And also smarter. A self-learning network, mobile engagement and software-defined networking offer many new possibilities. Flexibility from core to edge.

Unified Communications

Via IP-telephony, video communication and advanced communication platforms, people from all over the world can work together on projects. Efficient and personal.

Want to find out more about our connectivity solutions? Contact our IT-Solutions Team. We will be happy to advise you.

Enterprise Networking.

Smart company networks are the backbone of each company: the foundation for success.

Datacenter Networking.

A properly set-up and easily to manage company network is the cornerstone of each IT infrastructure.


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