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Looking to make your corporate IT infrastructure fit for the future? Unsure about migrating to the cloud? If yes, why? We at Bechtle believe in a hybrid data centre solution. Our vision is to create a modern data centre that manages to walk the tightrope between maximum flexibility, affordability, high availability, automation and data security. As a trusted IT partner, we are happy to help make your data centre fit for the future.

A growing number of business are making the switch to the cloud to take a load off their data centres, become more flexible and meet the growing challenges of a hybrid architecture consisting of the public cloud and on-premise structures. At Bechtle, we believe that the starting point of every cloud strategy should be a future-proof data centre that facilitates the expansion into the cloud and allows the most to be made of its benefits. 

The reason why data centre modernisation is at the top of most companies’ agendas is that infrastructures that have grown organically over the years are complex to manage. Workloads from the public clouds add another layer of complexity. It’s no longer enough to replace classic data centre components such as servers and storage. What’s needed is a flexible infrastructure solution.

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Step-by-step guide.

We believe the best solution is a hybrid cloud platform that makes it possible to optimise existing on-site investments by combining them with cloud services. Automate the underlying infrastructure activities and migrate workloads according to your needs. That’s how you make your IT infrastructure zukunftsstark.

Discover how we can help you and what you can expect from us when you choose a future-proof data centre solution. Download our step-by-step guide to our working methods!


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Daan van Mol

Data Centre Consultant

Phone +31 88 7078 149

Daan van Mol

Data Centre Consultant

Phone +31 88 7078 149

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