Peripherals Accessories

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                    Bags and cases for fragile high-tech equipment

                    Do you regularly take pictures on business trips? Our online shop features a variety of cases and bags to safely transport high-tech equipment like cameras. Cleaning kits, USB cables and, of course, the right storage media are also available to supplement your professional equipment. And if you’re a real shutterbug, you may need an external hard drive to store all those pictures. Equipped with tripods, polarising filters, flash diffusers and interchangeable lenses for digital SLR cameras—produced by leading brands such as Hama and Canon—you’ll be playing in the professional league.


                    Projectors, portable projection screens and lamps

                    Looking for a way to really sell your marketing campaign? A high-end projector will render your presentation in razor-sharp detail. Are you planning to play a video of the year’s financial highlights at your company’s annual holiday party? A large-format presentation screen will give even the last row a good view of your profits. Presenters are useful for drawing your audience’s attention to key details at the push of a button. And if you’re giving your presentation away from the office, the right bags and cases will keep your projector safe. Portable screens are also easy to transport and assemble in no time.


                    Selecting the right peripheral accessories at

                    Discover a large selection of useful accessories in our online shop. Our product managers will be happy to assist you in finding the right technical equipment. For instance, we carry a variety of accessories for digital boards, such as mounts to securely attach your board to the wall. You’ll also find software, cameras, microphones and sound bars for your interactive system. Bases and ceiling mounts keep public displays in place, while external speakers deliver impressive sound. Check out to find the right peripheral accessories for your needs.