The Modern Meeting Room: Conference rooms, huddle rooms, creative meeting rooms and more.

Modern meeting room solutions facilitate collaboration between your employees. It’s in meeting rooms where ideas are generated and communication takes place and technical equipment is only one part of a good room concept. Businesses want huddle rooms, collaboration across departments and the most efficient meetings possible and this requires rethinking collaboration and the culture of meetings. The technical equipment and high-quality setup of meeting rooms have to support teams in their work and enable creative sessions and good collaboration.

The benefits of Modern Meeting Room solutions:

Efficient collaboration across departments.

Optimum technical equipment for small, medium-size, and large rooms.

Motivated employees thanks to modern equipment.

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Modern office meeting room concepts are the basis of productive and highly-efficient meetings—both in person and virtual.

Fitting out  meeting rooms with technical equipment – Numerous solutions.

The traditions of previous decades are still influencing where we meet in a professional setting and the design and configuration of many meeting rooms continue to be based on classic structures: Space for a dozen participants and the room setup with a clear focus on the speaker, equipped with a projector and/or display. This isn’t necessarily the best solution to encourage creativity with most conference rooms setups not allowing for any kind of collaboration and they are too big for spontaneous project work.

There are a lot of small challenges to overcome when it comes to creating a perfect meeting space. A meeting room needs to have a clear function and certain rules: Booking systems ensure planning, but prevent spontaneous meetings. Having said that, a versatile meeting room without a reservation system quickly becomes an extra office that is constantly occupied if there are no fixed time limits. Large conference rooms for meeting customers or conducting workshops and areas for spontaneous brainstorming over a coffee—both are important.


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How Bechtle can pave the way to the workplace of the future.

The workplace is undergoing a transformation. In the battle for new ideas, an office’s environment and culture play a crucial role and meetings as a means of communication are coming under scrutiny. Which is the best meeting format and how should a room be set up? Bechtle is by your side, helping you to create the perfect office and optimally equipped meeting room that meets your requirements Our all-round service makes us the perfect partner for companies looking to configure their new meeting rooms. Get in touch with us now.

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