Bechtle Publieke Sector

Bechtle for the public sector.

For more than 30 years, we have been the trusted IT partner for a large number of organisations in the public sector. We handle everything from workspaces to complete network infrastructures, and from office applications to security management. With an eye for detail, we build solid relationships with our public-sector customers that endure for the long term.

Bechtle B.V. is part of listed IT reseller Bechtle AG, which has offices across Europe.



Tender desk

Bechtle’s tender desk is one of the most experienced tender desks in the Netherlands and handles more than 100 calls for tenders each year. Working in partnership with our customers, we consistently identify the right solution – by listening carefully to requirements, prioritising quality and offering brand-independent solutions.


If you would like to know how to write an efficient call for tender, our tender desk has the knowledge to provide tailored advice for your sector.



Knowledge of the public sector

A large team of public sector account managers is on hand to assist you, with knowledge of central and local government, education, healthcare establishments and more. This expert team enables us to respond to the requirements and demands of all these public institutions. For example, we can ensure that solutions satisfy the legal standards applicable in your sector and that devices are delivered proofed against tempest attacks.

Bechtle is brand-independent, so you are assured of objective advice.


Our e-procurement service has been designed to simplify our customers’ buying processes. Our system is linked to that of hospitals, schools, municipalities or other organisations, eliminating the need to retype vast quantities of information.

Bechtle’s IT services make everything easier. Find out about the options!



Reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) is one of the chief requirements of our public sector customers. Because of this, it has become one of Bechtle’s specialities. We understand that focusing purely on a low purchase price can create a distorted picture. To give an example, let’s say an organisation orders 200 new work stations.

The supplier delivers the hardware all nicely packaged in the manufacturer’s original packaging. Whilst the devices have been delivered as agreed, there are now empty boxes all over the place! And what’s going to happen to the old hardware? Never mind the issue of securely deleting the data on the old devices. It’s wise to think all these things through beforehand – and find the right solution.


Bechtle direct. Reliable IT solutions for healthcare. Our Healthcare Team provides daily advice and is brand independent.


Bechtle direct for education: stronger together! Innovative IT solutions for the education market. Let IT work for you. 


Bechtle direct. Innovative IT solutions for the government. Let IT work for you.