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Selecting the right software and ensuring that you hold the correct number of licences can present a major challenge, so why not get our certified solution advisers on board? We are brand-independent, so you can always order exactly what you need!


Since many organisations struggle to keep track of all the software they use, as well as giving advice, we help organisations stay on top of current contracts. This service includes giving you plenty of notice when the software is due for renewal and checking whether the number of licences is still appropriate. From advice and implementation to management of the software, we are there to support you.

Jos Willemsen

Teamleider | Solution advisor cloud


T +31 40 760 2812


  • Needs assessment
  • Independent advice
  • Project-based approach
  • Contract management
  • Implementation
  • Certified advisers


  • A complete overview of licences, contracts and costs
  • Up-to-date insight at all times
  • Easily streamline business processes

Needs assessment

To provide you with a helpful service, it is important to ascertain your organisation’s software needs. By analysing and taking stock, we find the appropriate solution.




Bechtle’s solution advisers give brand-independent advice, so you can rest assured that we keep all options open and ultimately offer the best solution. Whether it’s a minor, specific issue or a major, more general issue, we are there to help.




Bechtle works with specialised partners with various areas of expertise. With these partners on board, we can do more than just advise and deliver: handling everything from server software implementation to large-scale software roll-outs.


Managing software is crucial to every business. We make it easier for you by notifying you when your software is due for renewal. If you are looking to outsource more of your workload, we can provide a full software asset management (SAM) service. Compliance assured!



  • Analysis of the current environment
  • Compliance check
  • Advice on reporting
  • Software lifecycle management
  • Software asset management tool selection
  • Software asset management as a service



Software in all shapes and sizes

We supply more than 500 different types of software. Our solution advisers are certified for all the major manufacturers, including Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, Veritas, Veeam, Kaspersky and Intel Security. We are also able to obtain and supply rarer software packages, including some of the lesser-known names such as LanSweeper, Think-Cell and Mindjet.

Individual solutions


Licence consulting and procurement

  • Licence consulting and procurement
  • Needs assessment
  • Product advice
  • Licence consulting
  • International licences
  • Framework contracts



Software Asset Management (SAM)

  • Analysis of the current environment
  • Compliance check
  • Advice on reporting
  • Software lifecycle management
  • SAM tool recommendation
  • SAM as a service

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