The Bechtle Communication & Conferencing portfolio.

Laying the technical foundation for business communication

Has your company already switched to VoIP, or do you prefer ISDN or analogue landlines? Do you often conduct video conferences with subsidiaries? Do the office arrangements in your headquarters require headsets? Have your conference systems ever been down for a substantial period of time? Business communication involves many hardware choices. After all, communication is impossible, whether by landline or via the Internet, if your technical foundation isn’t reliable. Our online shop offers all the components you need, from headsets to video conference systems. And if you need complete systems, our product managers will be happy to assist you. You’ll also benefit from our close cooperation with the Bechtle Group’s network of systems integrators.


More than mere building blocks

While suitable phones and conference systems are important, have you given any thought to the accessories and headsets you’ll need? Your choice of accessories will ultimately depend on your company’s specific requirements, whether at employee workstations, in conference rooms or in reception. Myriad mounting options are available, and you’ll be sure to find a solution that meets the applicable safety standards for virtually any situation. Our online shop offers over 70,000 items in total, comprising products by numerous trusted brands, such as Hama, AVM, Plantronics and Polycom, to name just a few. These manufacturers guarantee not only top quality, but also extensive variety. 


Avoid long downtimes with the right warranties

Even the best systems can go down. That’s when you need help—and fast—to keep your projects on track. In addition to standard warranties, manufacturers offer various warranty upgrades for these exact situations, available for purchase along with your hardware. Plantronics, for example, offers a 24-hour in-country exchange service and a 48-hour exchange service within Europe—and it comes with all headsets. So even if disaster strikes, there’s a definite light at the end of the tunnel—and it won’t drain any more resources. Check out the various available options at