Cross-border IT solutions by Bechtle

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International business

Cross-border IT solutions by Bechtle.

We are proud of our successful partnerships with customers in the Netherlands, but the Bechtle ecosystem extends far beyond national borders. Our customers have access to professional solutions and support delivered from sites in 14 European countries, and a Global IT Alliance for a truly seamless experience on every continent. In other words, we are the perfect IT partner for your international organisation.

Perhaps you’re already a Bechtle customer? Then you’ll be familiar with our collaborative, hands-on approach as your trusted IT partner. From your endpoints to the data centre and everything in between, including the most complex business challenges, we have all things IT covered.

But did you know that you can rely on the same professional support outside the Netherlands, too? You can! Thanks to Bechtle locations in 14 European countries, and anywhere in the world with a global partner network on every continent.


International business with Bechtle.

We take the hassle out of finding the right place to source hardware, software and related services for your international organisation. In fact, we’ll just sort it out for you. Or we’ll connect you to our network of hand-picked IT partners in your region and may also coordinate service delivery across suppliers to keep your hands untied.

Want to learn more about how we support international customers?

Then have a look at our free whitepaper. Olaf Neven, International Business Manager, explains how our customers benefit from Bechtle on an international scale—from companies with a few sites peppered across Europe to global players with truly global needs. Have questions? Simply get in touch with Olaf today. You can find his details below.


Excellence in international project delivery

International customers can tap the full capabilities of the Bechtle Group and our vendor partners, and also enjoy access to our expert network of service partners to leave no need unanswered.

Download our whitepaper above to discover our four-fold value proposition for international customers and how you can benefit from the Bechtle Group in 14 European countries and worldwide through the Global IT Alliance (GITA).

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We work hand in hand across all European countries and beyond. If a customer needs support in another country, it couldn’t be easier to put them in the hands of the right member of the Bechtle Group or our partner network. All Bechtle companies, as well as our trusted IT partners around the world, use a shared tool to keep track of customers and their international agreements to make sure everyone’s always on the same page.

Olaf Neven
International Business Manager

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Olaf Neven

International Business Manager

Have questions on international IT procurement?


Olaf Neven

International Business Manager

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