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Does your company operate internationally and are you looking for IT solutions? Bechtle is happy to assist you with flexible solutions, for all your projects in Europe and around the globe.


Bechtle was founded in Neckarsulm, Germany, more than 35 years ago. At the moment we have branches in 14 European countries with a total workforce of over 10,000 people, making Bechtle one of the biggest IT partners in Europe. Since 2013, we have been operating globally through our Global IT Alliance (GITA) network.



Olaf Neven

International Business Manager


T +31 40 250 9000

International projects at the highest level

Together with Bechtle, your international projects will run smoothly and cost-efficiently.

  • bios®, customised portal
  • International Customer Coordinators (ICC) network
  • Global IT Alliance (GITA)
  • Export
  • Bechtle Global Access
  • Bechtle Managed Services and Onsite Services
Olaf Neven

International Business Manager


We treat all our customers alike, no matter which country they are based in, providing them with the same product range, clearly defined SLAs and, if required, a local account manager—all while ensuring simplified cross-European procurement. With Bios (Bechtle information and ordering system), customers have the opportunity to directly access stock in the 14 countries we are located, enabling them to update, among other things, delivery and invoice addresses, and easily search for country-specific products. Another option is structuring procurement workflows for countries where our customers are located, ensuring that central organisations have insight into and control over local ICT policies and expenditure. Having international locations presents a number of challenges and many of our customers need answers to questions like ‘Can you also deliver our standardised product portfolio in other countries?’ and ‘Can you offer us a complete global solution?’ The answer is yes, we do this like no one else can!


Local Service, Global Expertise – Each of GITA’s members has committed to a shared goal of providing high-calibre services.
Michael Moon, Head of the International Business Unit at Bechtle, talks to Bechtle update about cross-border IT projects.



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