Endpoint security

Why a good endpoint security solution is important

In terms of security, it’s your end users that are the weakest link in the chain. Employing strategies such as phishing and ransomware, cyber criminals have their targets set on your employees’ end devices with the aim of gaining access to the corporate network and sensitive data. This is what makes a good endpoint security solution so important.

Did you know that in 2021, 5.1 billion data sets were made public via cyberattacks, ransomware and internal errors? This makes for an increase in 11% on the previous year and proves that cybersecurity still remains a challenge for companies, even though data is their most valuable asset. This makes it important to get to grips with your basic protection, starting with endpoints.

Endpoint security protects various endpoints in your IT infrastructure from cyberattacks and from exploitation by cyber criminals and covers notebooks, desktops and smartphones as well as all other devices that are connected to your company network such as sensors, printers and cars.

A good baseline for endpoint security in five steps

How to guarantee multi-layered security for your company network? Which security measures do you resort to? In this whitepaper we explain the meaning of good endpoint security. In only five steps, you can lay a solid foundation for the protection of important enterprise and personal data.


Good all-round protection

The pandemic has made it clear to many security experts that securing endpoint systems, which are often used at home due to remote work, poses a challenge. Providing the same security level for all employees both working in the office and from home is a big ask for your IT department.

A good endpoint security solution can help you keep malware and advanced threats at bay and includes technologies such as anti-virus software, web security encryption, data loss prevention and more.  Endpoint security offers good all-round protection as well as automatic detection and response.

Additional security layers

Every connection to an endpoint presents an access point to your network and should be highly secured. It’s best to build several security layers around company network, which is why we at Bechtle take a holistic approach to the topic of security—a crucial requirement for protecting your company.

As an independent IT partner, we work with multiple endpoint security providers y. It’s impossible to cover all risks, but it’s good to know where the loopholes are and how to secure them. On the basis of a risk analysis and our best practices, we compare different strategies for endpoint security and offer a suitable complete solution for your company.

Do you need help in securing your endpoints?

The correct configuration of your cybersecurity remains very individual because every company is confronted by different threats, risks and obligations. Are you interested in how Bechtle can support your company in endpoint security? Just get in touch.


Patrick Voss

Solution Advisor Security

Phone +31 88 7078 315

Patrick Voss

Solution Advisor Security

Phone +31 88 7078 315

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