Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI).

    Maximum performance. Minimum footprint.

    Hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI) combine power and virtualisation and consolidate software and hardware in one device. A hyperconverged infrastructure is a small unit that combines hardware and software, CPU and memory in one. A hyperconverged infrastructure’s software brings together all components, offers powerful storage, computing and network performance, yet takes up little space and uses less energy.

    Are you looking for a modern data centre solution that can grow with your business and is quick and easy to manage? Then an HCI solution could be just what you are looking for. Hyperconverged systems are optimised for specific workloads, are more powerful than most standard hardware and are therefore ideal for special, dedicated scenarios.

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    Why choose hyperconverged infrastructure?

    Managing your IT environment costs a lot of time and money. How many of your company’s employees are managing your data centre?
    A hyperconverged infrastructure is managed using virtualisation software making life easier for IT. HCI solutions offer even more benefits by simplifying implementation and lowering energy costs.

    Efficient management requires a reliable, transparent and unified data centre infrastructure and that’s exactly what a hyperconverged solution offers. Did you know that you can even combine it with traditional IT? We can support you in a multitude of ways. We can even manage your hyperconverged infrastructure solution as a Managed Service.

    The benefits of HCI

    Simple management via a single console.
    Installed and up-and-running within an hour.
    Save on cables, energy and air conditioning.
    HCI solutions support multiple applications
    Scale up your rack with one or more HCI systems.
    React quickly to increasing data volumes and performance demands.
    Can be leveraged in virtualised and non-virtualised environments.
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