Bechtle IT Asset Management (BITAM)

Understanding costs and compliance.

Bechtle IT Asset Management (BITAM) is Bechtle IT Asset Management (BITAM) is an effective method to reduce IT costs.


BITAM maps both the hardware and software in an organization. It makes the IT Asset Portfolio transparent and manageable. As a result, the life cycle of both software and hardware can be efficiently managed. BITAM supports various business objectives: from risk, cost, control, IT Governance and compliance objectives to performance objectives.

BITAM supports the formulation of policies, standards, processes, systems and measurements. With this support, your organization can better manage the IT Asset Portfolio.


The IT assets within your organization are analyzed several times a year. This gives you insight into all IT assets throughout the year.

For example...

  • outdated hardware and software
  • the license position of the most important software vendors in your organization
  • locations where data is stored and sent (GDPR)
  • installed software that is not being used

Mapping the software infrastructure of an organization is a complex process. BITAM offers an excellent tool to do this. This tool is interesting for every organization, because software programs are used everywhere. Often from different soft

License Compliance Check (LCC)

By matching the existing software contracts with the current usage, we give you an overview of compliance: a Baseline Review. That way you know where your organization is, you are prepared for a future audit and you have the time to take corrective measures. This means that no budgeted expenditure is prevented. A good starting point for an IT Asset Management policy!

The Baseline Review is offered in two variants:

  • a one-time Baseline Review
  • a 3-year agreement with an annual Baseline Review
Second opinion

If you have doubts about the outcome of an audit of a software vendor or a License Compliance Check from your SAM partner, you can ask for a second opinion from us. We will check whether the arguments in the report are well substantiated. When things arise that do not seem to be correct, you can have a License Compliance Check carried out by us.

If you want to find out more about BITAM, please contact one of our SAM consultant.

Janneke Hoeben

IT Asset Management Consultant

T +31 88 7078 144

Janneke Hoeben

IT Asset Management Consultant

T +31 88 7078 144

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