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AvePoint – How do you protect cloud data?

Uncontrolled growth. Risk. Chaos. Danger. Keep your business-critical content secure with AvePoint.

When people think of the cloud, be it now or in the future, they often deal with a lot of fears. But there’s no reason for that—with SaaS solutions by AvePoint, you’ll no longer sweat about it. AvePoint has been helping customers and partners to get the most out of their Microsoft 365 and SharePoint investments since 2001.

Cloud providers usually protect your service—but seldom your data.

Cloud services include a Service Level Agreement (SLA). And yet, it’s important to mention that an SLA doesn’t provide full coverage. SLAs are primarily concerned with keeping your cloud services available. They may enable you to access Teams or all services on Salesforce.com, but when it comes to data, they will not provide all-round protection.

This is why cloud providers like Microsoft and Salesforce are recommending their customers use third-party solutions to protect their data. And why Salesforce even went as far as to cancel its own native recovery service in July 2020. This is where AvePoint comes in. AvePoint’s Cloud Backup provides protection for your data. AvePoint increases your IT efficiency and productivity while lowering your risk of attack so that you are on the safe side.

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The advantages of AvePoint at a glance.

  • Convenient and time-independent access to the service.
  • Unlimited and long-term storage preventing any possibility of data loss.
  • Optimal protection of your cloud data.
  • Easy usability and full service with only a few clicks.
  • One bonus: AvePoint AVA gives you access to your own personal virtual backup and migration assistant. AVA automates recurring recovery requests and other tedious tasks that may lead to a backlog of help desk tickets, making the recovery of documents child’s play.


The advantages of AvePoint via Bechtle.

  • Get everything IT from a single source – Procure Microsoft 365+ AvePoint Backup easily via the Bechtle Clouds Portal.
  • Fully automated billing of all booked services in one single invoice.
  • Our self service portal will provide you with full flexibility.
  • Ready to use – The service is ready for use minutes after your purchase.
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Backup services – Why we can’t do without them.

Backups are essential—we all know that. But why?

It’s simple. Using cloud-to-cloud backups helps to prevent worst-case scenarios. And it doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with a user error, system failure or a ransomware attack.

With the AvePoint Backup Service for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, you have access to twenty-four-seven protection for your systems and data. AvePoint’s service offers you lossless data backup and recovery for both individual content and entire SharePoint environments. As an added benefit, all meta data, security settings and versions will remain the same.

Protect your data and ensure that it can be restored easily with a backup solution in the event that it’s lost or stolen. This way there can be no unwelcome surprises.

Comprehensive data backup.

Secure your SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 environment and protect your company from data loss.

Corporate continuity.

Minimise disruptions to continuity due to service interruptions or accidental deletions via fast and efficient date recovery.

SLA compliance.

Comply with even the strictest SLAs by minimising down times, data loss and recovery times, thanks to a stable recovery function.

Centralised management.

Observe, manage and register all storage and recovery processes via a central management console.

Cloud Security

Migrate, manage and protect – Security with AvePoint. AvePoint Cloud Backup.

AvePoint Cloud Backup.

  • AvePoint Cloud Backup is a comprehensive cloud-to-cloud backup solution for Office 365. Unlimited, automated backups, as well as secure storage in the Azure Storage by AvePoint or your own cloud give you freedom to choose when and how much data should be restored.
  • AvePoint Cloud Backup is a comprehensive cloud-to-cloud backup solution for Dynamics 365.
  • AvePoint Fly. Migrate from the cloud to other Office 365 Tenants or Box, Dropbox, Google or Slack. Migrate SharePoint and FileShares on-prem to your preferred destination.
  • Thanks to unlimited, automated backups, and secure storage in the AvePoint Azure Storage or a storage location of your choice, the customer can easily decide when which objects should be restored. On-demand and granular recovery at the object level provides access to company-critical Dynamics 365 CRM data.
  • Bring Your Own Storage. Would you like to use your existing storage as a backup? No problem! AvePoint offers the BYOS model. And best of all, you can order this easily from Bechtle, too.

Reference – Bechtle & AvePoint – Case Study.

What more proof do you need than the fact that we use AvePoint ourselves? Bechtle uses the seamless Cloud Backup with AvePoint for Microsoft 365 data.

Driven to find a solution to storing the ever-increasing amount of data in the cloud, the Bechtle IT Service Managers were searching for the right cloud-backup provider. It was important to them that this provider could offer a similar level of service as the backup for their on-premise systems. And AvePoint were offering the perfect solution with its backup service.


Read case Study


It was our biggest requirement to attain an all-encompassing and reliable backup for all Microsoft 365 services and sub-services. And in doing so we made sure to further develop the solution, as it must be able to keep up with the rhythm of regular updates to Microsoft services. AvePoint Cloud Backup offers exactly what we need to meet our requirements.

Thomas Scheible, IT Service Manager at Bechtle

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