Software-defined networking – The new age of networking.

Digital transformation can offer your company huge opportunities – but it also increases the complexity, vulnerability and speed of change within your IT landscape and the business requirements that go with it, which is why software-defined networking (SDN) – known from computer centre networks for many years – is becoming increasingly established in modern and agile network infrastructures. The next step of this evolution – to a self-teaching network – is already on its way  and is called intent-based networking. By leveraging what is called a fabric approach and automating software-defined networking, companies not only profit from centralised management and visibility in the network, especially in virtualised environments, but also from the efficient provisioning of new services, standardised and simplified processes, as well as being able to adapt quickly to new business requirements. They also accelerate the rollout of new workloads and implementing company-wide policies – on your way to agile IT.

The advantages of a software-defined networking architecture.

A client-ready infrastructure that uses resources most efficiently.

Consistent network policies and easier, more centralised configuration across the network.

Consistent policies for more quality-of-service and network security.

Programmable networking resources and easy integration into overarching orchestration tools.


Increased company efficiency and standards.

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is based on the software-defined networking approach for the agile, flexible and reliable networking of locations. The main advantage of a software-defined WAN lies in its intelligent routing of data traffic through several WAN connections used in parallel, wherein the types of traffic are constantly analysed and the priority given to the business-critical applications. Different transportation technologies such as xDSL, Ethernet services, LTE or existing MPLS services can be used as underlay networks, upon which scalable overlay networks can be built. In contrast to other processes, SD-WAN provides a high degree of flexibility in terms of management and use of transfer bandwidths as well as the additional transparency of application performance and many integrated, centrally managed security functions. This way the network can ascertain that the users and applications always have access to the best performance available in the company.


One decision, but many benefits.

The Bechtle SD-WAN platform-based approach provides a variety of advantages—all from a single source.

  • The highest level of automation.
  • Easy and flexible scalability.
  • Industry-grade security.
  • Global reach and SLAs.

For those who wants to take the transformation of their company network into their own hands, Bechtle also offers diverse solution building blocks from its multi-vendor portfolio. We support you in your decision and help you find the solution that best suits your requirements and company.


Bechtle & ngena – Your partnership for business transformation.

We offer you reliable WAN connectivity via a secure overlay network level, handle provider management and simplify the WAN infrastructure with the help of our central management platform. A cloud-based portal allows a new dimension of control over agility, performance, bandwidth and security. The conception and operation of large, partly multinational, SD-WAN environments can be a strain for IT teams. This is where Bechtle’s SD-WAN solution helps, by providing access to a worldwide partner alliance, consolidated as a  fully-managed solution with ngena as a single point of contact. This minimises the risk of downtime so that your team can focus on providing applications that boost your business – all with Bechtle around-the-clock support (24/7/365). Trust in strong partners, a federation of international service providers that are promoting the global provision of WAN services. Benefit from Bechtle’s unique wide area network (WAN) based on the newest SD-WAN technology. It’s simpler, more scalable and safer than the competition.

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