Document Management

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                    Collaborating on project documents

                    Large business projects won’t make any headway if participants don’t have shared access to all of the required documents. But simply assigning read and write permissions isn’t enough. Documents undergo numerous rounds of editing, which may be followed by a pre-defined approval process. Not only must you be able to direct documents through each step, it’s also imperative to ensure a permanent, transparent overview of the entire process for those project participants with the appropriate permissions. Another layer of complexity is added when you consider that rotating teams are working on documents in real time—and the interim and final results must be available to everyone. So you’ll have to take into account factors like local storage, synchronisation, version management and timelines.


                    Keeping an overview

                    Due to the challenges of complex project structures and parallel editing, document management solutions must offer top-notch features and user-friendliness. Because if document management becomes a project in and of itself, the software has effectively failed. One proven solution is Microsoft SharePoint, used by over 200 million users worldwide, which offers individual workspaces. SharePoint goes beyond pure document management, creating an entire digital work environment that reflects all of your collaboration processes. You’ll find various versions of Microsoft SharePoint in our Bechtle online shop.


                    Providers in our Bechtle online shop

                    We also offer special, professional software for specific aspects of document management. Nuance OmniPage Ultimate, for instance, is an OCR program designed for businesses, allowing them to scan and convert all kinds of documents—certificates, forms, photocopied PDFs, photos and more—into an editable format. You can also batch process large volumes of documents over your network server or any local computer, then archive them in the cloud, for instance. In addition to Microsoft and Nuance products, our online shop carries document management software by ABBYY, IRIS and Acronis.