It's time to protect
your business
It's time to protect
your business


A safer IT world. This is what Barracuda believes in. Our philosophy is to provide cloud-compatible security solutions that are easily attainable, implementable and user-friendly. To every company. Barracuda protects e-mails, networks, data and applications with the help of their innovative solutions that grow with your company as it evolves. Over 200,000 companies worldwide trust in Barracuda so that they can focus on daily business.

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Why choose Barracuda?

In the past, security was never seen as a priority. Thankfully, this is beginning to change. Hackers are getting more and more clever about how they launch attacks on companies. Quite often, they target employees. This is because employees are easy to reach via e-mail or browser. Protect your employees from these attacks by sensitising them to the topic and offering them the right tools. Barracuda will hurry to your help. Barracuda solutions help make your Company’s IT environment safer.

Get to know the range of Barracuda solutions.

Total e-mail protection.

Barracuda total e-mail protection is the most efficient solution to avoiding social-engineering attacks.
All-round protection from sophisticated e-mail attacks. Simply investing in safe e-mail gateways falls short when you’re trying to protect yourself from social-engineering attacks. These attacks can circumvent traditional protective measures and cost your company time, money and reputation.
Barracuda total e-mail protection is the most efficient solution to avoiding social-engineering attacks. This is a multi-layered solution that combines a safe e-mail gateway, AI-controlled fraud prevention and advanced training for raising employee’s awareness for security, providing all-round protection from e-mail loopholes, account theft and advanced e-mail attacks.

Barracuda Email Protection
Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Cloud-to-cloud backup

It’s important that your company has a good cloud-backup of its Office 365 data. Without a third-party backup you’re at risk for losing important company data in Office 365. This applies especially to health care institutions. Hospitals and other health care institutions are unfortunately becoming increasingly endangered of falling victim to a cyberattack. Even Microsoft back up their data with a third-party provider. In the event of an attack, employees are at risk of losing files that were saved at an earlier stage. Protect your data from malware, being deleted by mistake and service failures with Barracuda’s cloud-to-cloud backup. The solution provides:

  • Unlimited storage and retention. Save as much as you want for as long as you want.
  • Cross-restoration of data to other users, mailboxes, folders or sites
  • Granular restore for SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Start within ten minutes of receiving your first backup.

Barracuda threat scan.

How can you protect your mailbox from unreliable e-mails such as phishing mails, CEO fraud and ransomware? These attacks can cost your company huge sums every month. Scan your Office 365 environment for free with Barracuda’s e-mail threat scanner. Find out instantly if your mailbox contains any unreliable e-mails.