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Companies’ IT architectures are getting increasingly complex with employees working in a hybrid multi-cloud environment from different locations. At the same time, cyberthreats are becoming increasingly automated and innovative. These developments have an effect on how you can optimally protect your IT environment. A lot of companies implement different isolated security solutions, which leads to a missing overview, inconsistent security and bad user experiences. The best solution The Fortinet Security Fabric.

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Why Fortinet?

Fortinet is a US listed company founded in 2000. Fortinet’s security platform, the Fortinet Security Fabric, provides more than 580,000 organisations with a complete cybersecurity solution for a wide range of cybersecurity challenges.  

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are used to process and analyse the more than 100 billion events every day. The customer then receives actionable, real-time information about threats in the network, application, cloud or mobile environment so that they can take appropriate action. Together with FortiOS and the specially developed Security Processing Unit technology, Fortinet offers an innovative security solution against cyber threats.

About the Fortinet Security Fabric.

The Fortinet Security Fabric is a cybersecurity mesh architecture (CSMA): a scalable security platform with different modules for a wide range of scenarios. According to Gartner, CSMA is one of the most important strategic technology trends of 2022. This modular approach provides a flexible and integrated security solution. Fortinet Security Fabric gives you real-time visibility into what’s happening in your IT environment so you can protect your business from known and zero-day attacks. And all this via a single integrated platform.


Security-Driven Networking.

With security-driven networks, Fortinet integrates the network infrastructure and the security architecture of a company. They combine a next generation Firewall (FortiGate) with advanced SD-WAN network functions. Furthermore, the FortiSwitch and the FortiAP Access Points provide secure and efficient data traffic. With security-oriented networks, you receive an extensive insight into users, devices and the data traffic in your network.


FortiManager provides you with both a Network Operations Centre (NOC) and a Security Operations Centre (SOC). The NOC automates activities on your network, reducing work for cybersecurity experts and preventing human error and misconfiguration. The SOC provides advanced detection and response to any suspicious activity. The FortiManager enables you to manage your entire security infrastructure from a single console.



In order to work, each employee needs access to the internet and the company network. But of course, access should be as secure as possible and controlled so that the right person can access the right information at the right time. FortiAuthenticator provides secure access management based on roles and identities without the need for additional authentication via Active Directory.  


The FortiAnalyzer is an comprehensive platform that provides a clear overview over potential cyberthreats via data analysis and visual reports. The platform helps you to relate results quickly, recognise threats and take targeted measures. This reduces the chances of a security incident within your company’s network.