The Security Slot is changing.
Choose an original NanoSaver®.

The Kensington Standard Security Slot™ has been the definition of notebook security for over 30 years, and as end devices have become slimmer and more compact, so has the Kensington Slot. The Kensington Nano Security Slot is 70% smaller than our Standard Security Slot and has already been integrated into HP notebooks, and Lenovo and ASUS are also making the most of the space-saving Slot design.


Mobile end devices are becoming slimmer and, with the
NanoSaver®, so is the Kensington Security Slot.

Original Kensington NanoSaver® locks for the Nano Security Slot.

The new standard.
NanoSaver® Notebook Lock.


1.80 m long steel cable with robust 10 mm lock head for uncompromising security.

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Secure your notebook and monitor/docking station.
NanoSaver® Notebook Lock with two lock heads.

Two lock heads – One for NanoSaver® and one for Original Kensington T-Bar™ Security Slots.

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The ideal solution for mobile users.
NanoSaver® Portable Notebook Lock.


Carbon coiled cable.

Combination lock  PORTABLE LOCK

The power of combinations.
Slim NanoSaver® Combination Lock.

Four-digit code with 10,000 possible combinations, can either be reset or fixed for easy management.

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Ultimate theft protection.
Slim NanoSaver® Ultra Combination Lock.

Ultra-thick 6.5 mm carbon steel cable delivers highest protection and cut resistance.

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Security Slot upgrades?
3-in-1 Notebook Locks.

Kensington 3-in-1 locks secure devices using either the Standard Kensington Security Slot™ (T-Bar™), Wedge-shaped or Nano Security Slot..

Lock  Combination lock

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