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Lenovo is one of the best-known brands we collaborate with and with whom we have established a strong, long-standing partnership. As we have the highest partner status, we can offer competent advice on everything Lenovo.

Find out why we love working with Lenovo and read more about the different solutions you can purchase at Bechtle to take your company’s IT to the next level, all on this page.


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Why Lenovo?

Innovation is part of Lenovo’s DNA. The company was founded by a small group of engineers in China 30 years ago and has evolved into one of the largest hardware manufacturers in the world.

Bechtle’s partnership with Lenovo is based on strategic collaboration and a sense of trust that is characterised by growth and high customer satisfaction. Thanks to our Platinum partner status, Bechtle can offer your company the best portfolio of Lenovo solutions in all things purchasing, service and consultation.

Lenovo offers:

  • The largest range of networked devices, from smartphones to data centres
  • Unmatched efficiency thanks to its company size
  • A customisable strategy, regardless of what industry you are working in
  • A diverse and inclusive culture that will make you feel welcome
  • Advanced security options thanks to ThinkShield.


Find out how Lenovo technology is changing the world.

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Device as a Service (DAAS)

With Device as a Service (DAAS) you pay a monthly fee per workspace. This makes your costs more transparent and takes some weight of your IT’s shoulders. With DAAS, you get to choose the latest Lenovo devices, amongst others. We will sort your workers into different personas and customise our offer to meet your requirements.


Device as a Service Compute

Premium technical support

With Premier Support by Lenovo via Bechtle you can benefit from Lenovo’s experienced technicians. This extra service will take some weight off your end user’s and your IT’s shoulders. The Premier Support service features extensive technical support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, meaning there’s always a technician available without having to navigate through an extensive menu.

About Premier Support

Transform your workspace

Only 17 per cent of employers take their employees into consideration when choosing new devices for their business. This is laughable, when you consider how important technology is to millennials and Gen Z. Generations that make up 59 per cent of the working population—a number that’s only going to increase. So listen to your employees and provide them with the technology that they need.



Lenovo workstations

Lenovo workstations are designed to handle the most complex applications—such as building information modelling (BIM). Lenovo workstations can make your organisation future-proof. Take a look at our portfolio.

About Lenovo workstations

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