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More than 20 years of proven protection!

OtterBox guarantees proven, durable protection for your devices. OtterBox DROP+ is the promise that all OtterBox cases have undergone more than 24 tests over a period of 238+ hours to guarantee protection you can depend on. OtterBox cases undergo multiple tests to make sure your device is protected from the unexpected. Only when the case passes all of them does it get the DROP+ certificate.

Choose an OtterBox case and get 20 years of proven protection. OtterBox protects your enterprise technology investments so you don’t have to worry any more about drops, knocks or scratches. Repairing or replacing defective mobile devices is a lot of money that you can simply save with OtterBox cases.

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What is the MIL-STD military standard?

MIL-STD entails a number of tests specified by the United States Department of Defense to determine the ruggedness of a product, including 26 drops from a height of 1.22 m onto a surface of 5 cm thick plywood over concrete so that the edges, front and back of the case have to survive multiple impacts. OtterBox take their testing even further with the DROP+ programme developed by OtterBox engineers and perform in addition to MIL-STD.

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Tablet cases

Did you know that one in five tablets breaks every year?*

Repairing or replacing defective tablets is a lot of money that you can simply save with OtterBox cases that protect your devices from scuffs, knocks and drops wherever they are used.


* 2452 Mobile Protection Education Market Analysis & Opportunity, May 2019

Otterbox tablet cases
Otterbox screen protectors

Screen protection

The display is the most exposed of the most delicate components of your device. An OtterBox screen protector is an essential add-on if you want to keep it safe from scratches, scuffs or breaks. Browse our range of screen protection solutions for smartphones and tablets.


Cables and chargers

Whether you’re at home or at work, you’re going to need your devices powered to keep your flow going. What you don’t need is a flat battery, underperforming or broken cables, slow chargers, you name it. These cables and chargers have been engineered with industry-leading expertise to deliver OtterBox’s trademark quality and durability so you can power through your busy day, guaranteed.


Otterbox power accessories
Otterbox smartphone cases

Smartphone cases

These durable cases keep your phone safe from drops, bumps and scratches while all buttons and functions work as if it’s not there at all. Avoid costly repairs and replacements and stay productive, no matter what life throws at you.


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