An experienced IT partner for the public sector.

Bechtle has been supporting the public sector for years, helping it fulfil highly specific requirements and pooling specific expertise from throughout the Group. Framework agreements awarded by the German armed forces, NATO and IT service provider Dataport are concrete evidence of the confidence our customers place in our specialists’ abilities.


Bechtle’s public-sector division masterfully coordinates central support services for our local offices. Our tender team, located at headquarters in Neckarsulm, obtains all the required resources from within the Group. And the task of sourcing Group-wide expertise is handled by managers specialising in European Institutions, German Federal & State Government, Municipal Government & Schools, Research & Education, Healthcare, Churches & Charities and Energy & Associations. In addition, public-sector customers benefit from especially attractive terms through our bios® platform.



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European Institutions.

The success we’ve achieved on the European stage demonstrates that our business model is effective beyond local, regional and national borders—we’ve got what it takes to master large international projects, too. Bechtle’s pan-European presence puts us in a perfect position to handle EU projects. Not only do we operate in nearly all Western European countries, we’ve established reliable logistics and service processes and boast a tightly knit network of partners. And to coordinate it all, we have a dedicated office in Brussels that serves as a single point of contact for all EU countries.

Federal & State Government.

Because Germany is a federal republic, it has a widespread and far-reaching system of government agencies—a structure that is mirrored perfectly by the Bechtle Group's own network of some 70 regional systems integrators. With an office always close by in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, our government and public-sector customers also benefit from the group's centralised expert services offered by all Bechtle locations. Leveraging this combination of regional proximity and concentrated expertise, Bechtle is able to focus on the specific requirements of the federal government, providing solutions to support Germany’s implementation of the Digital Agenda while also carrying out infrastructure and service projects.

Municipal Government & Schools.


A partner for cities and towns.

Through a wide-ranging network of systems integrators paired with our e-commerce offering, Bechtle is always close by with products and services—from IT accessories to complex storage systems, from hardware installation to managed services. We align our portfolio to the specific requirements of municipal offices and deliver solutions that address current topics, such as the European Commission Services Directive, the EU directive on IT security and ISO 27001.


IT for schools and digital education.

Through state-of-the-art media expertise, Bechtle is able to give schools the exact tools they need. Schools want high-quality, efficient and service-oriented equipment to support them in their administrative tasks. To meet these requirements, Bechtle offers much more than just the latest technology. We provide innovative and powerful solutions geared towards academic customers, continually expanding them in close collaboration with our partners.

Research & Education. 

Bechtle’s solutions portfolio is as diverse as education and research themselves. From standard IT workstations and special developer systems to high-performance computing, we’ve got your entire IT infrastructure covered. Over the years, IT has become virtually ubiquitous in universities and other higher education institutions. As free-thinking as this sector is, it must still confront the rigours of operational planning and cost orientation. There’s no question that change is on the horizon—the challenge lies in ensuring that data centre IT is able to implement it quickly using existing resources. Alongside traditional IT infrastructure projects, schemes such as bring-your-own-device (BYOD) are also becoming increasingly important.



Reforms affecting healthcare billing systems and electronic records have created new challenges for the healthcare industry. In addition, hospitals and clinics are increasingly looking to differentiate themselves from their peers. Innovative digital technology is the next logical step in ensuring higher quality and efficiency. Bechtle offers products and services to keep pace with these developments and effectively improve healthcare processes for the long term. We’ve developed a specific healthcare portfolio to supplement Bechtle’s existing offering with sector-specific solutions.

Churches & Charities.

The role of information technology in church and charitable organisations is growing as these institutions seek to carry out their missions even more effectively and efficiently. The technology they use must provide targeted solutions for their core tasks and various specific administrative and operational needs. Bechtle supports churches and other non-profit institutions in carrying out key structural changes and organisational developments.

Energy & Associations. 

No other industry has been so radically transformed in recent years as energy. We've adapted to keep pace with these developments, providing tailored support through industry experts. Bechtle offers appropriate hardware and software, develops tailored technological strategies and even operates your IT. Our goal is to supply each customer with the right solutions to drive their own objectives with maximum efficiency.