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                        Consider your toner, ink and paper costs.

                        The various consumables used by your printer ensure that documents, labels and other materials look exactly the way you want them to. Companies in particular should calculate the future cost of toner, ink, ink ribbons, labelling tape, industrial labelling tape, standard labels and paper before they make their printer selection. The same applies to accessories for labelling devices. Our Bechtle online shop offers a wide range of brand-name consumables—so you’ll be sure to find the right product for your printer and enjoy fantastic results. Compatibility is key, as using paper or consumables not designed for your device can lead to subpar printouts. Our product managers will be happy to advise you.


                        Figure out exactly what you need before you buy.

                        Our Bechtle online shop offers excellent value, not only for printers, but also the corresponding consumables. We recommend that, before purchasing a printer, you determine your estimated print volume and whether you’ll need colour-printing capabilities. This will influence your choice of device as well as the related materials such as toner, ink, ink ribbons, paper and labels. Depending on your company’s line of business, you may need higher-quality paper or more vivid, true-to-life colours. Case in point: an advertising agency has entirely different requirements to an architecture firm.


                        Solutions that take into account IT infrastructure and consumables.

                        Your available budget plays a large role in determining which printer you ultimately purchase. But skimping on toner, ink and paper can lead to disastrous results, so it pays to invest in superior supplies. Printer manufacturers recommend using their own consumables to ensure maximum quality. Selecting a printer should be a joint decision because it has a bearing on everyone, especially in terms of how a new device can integrate with your existing infrastructure, maintenance, and consumables. You’ll find the right products in our Bechtle online shop, and our expert product managers can advise you on long-term procurement solutions.