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Employees are increasingly working remotely and connecting via mobile devices pushing networks towards the edge. What does that mean? Well, it could be an office, hospital, sports venue, school or even home-based office where huge amounts of data are generated by users and their devices.

Harness the power of data and enjoy corporate success at the edge

Businesses are faced with the challenge of figuring out how to support hyper-distributed edge environments and also ensure secure connectivity to services hosted in the cloud and data centres. Those that are able to leverage and analyse edge data in real time, speed up their decision-making processes making them more efficient, innovative and profitable and providing optimised experiences and new sources of income.

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Why choose Aruba

Aruba has a portfolio of leading next-generation network solutions for businesses looking to benefit from edge-generated data. A Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) subsidiary, Aruba develops innovative infrastructures always with an eye on security, connectivity, transparency and automation. The company is a market-leader in wired and wireless network solutions and also offers an extensive range of access points, gateways, controllers, switches, network analysis software and other network solutions.

Collaborating closely with Aruba, we at Bechtle are on hand to help you optimise business agility, offer outstanding user experiences and source new revenue streams.

Enhance IT, user and IoT experiences with business connectivity.
Simple, fast and secure.

Discover our Aruba solutions

Access points

Need crystal-clear sound for an important meeting? Looking to share photos and files? Aruba’s wireless access points (APs) guarantee secure and speedy network connectivity throughout your company with APs designed for use indoors and outdoors with the latter ranging from splash-proof to completely water-resistant models. Aruba AP’s leverage AI-supported RF-optimisation, comprehensive user and app intelligence, dynamic segmentation and smart management options for an elevated user experience, seamless mobile and Wi-Fi transitions as well as SLA-compliant application QoS. They also support IoT devices using Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Bluetooth and third-party protocols.

For small businesses, Aruba has also developed Instant On—a new series of access points for reliable, fast and secure Wi-Fi based on Aruba’s decades-long experience in corporate networks.


Gateways and controllers

IT environments are expanding exponentially thanks to the increasing number of IoT devices and mobile employees. Simplify network access for them all with Aruba controllers and gateways and manage all connected devices with ease around the clock no matter where they are.

Aruba gateways and controllers deliver powerful corporate functionalities such as high-performance traffic, data routing, dynamic segmentation and role-based access. Dynamic segmenting allows secure access to stationary and mobile IoT devices wherever they are, while the real-time policy enforcement firewall (PEF) enables deep packet inspection and control with live upgrades, too. In this way, companies set up a secure network and optimise ease of use for both customers and employees.



Aruba has a complete portfolio of switches that optimise enterprise network performance while providing security and operational simplicity. Aruba CX switches transform the network from the edge to the core. with each providing real-time visibility into the entire network with distributed analytics.  An efficient, automated operating system from the edge to the data centre helps you keep your admin to a minimum and easily resolve problems to securely connect your organisation to the network.

We are happy to help your business create a modern edge network. Determine how flexible your employees are by choosing a fixed or modular switch. The Small Business switches in the Aruba Instant On series are made for smaller companies with just one office, while the Campus Core and Data Centre switches provide a good network solution for organisations with multiple locations.



Small Business switches

Aruba Instant On (AIO) includes access points and switches that have been developed for smaller businesses’ network requirements The series is user-friendly and easy to install helping small companies can achieve more.


Aruba network management

Aruba’s network management solutions offer granular transparency and predictive analyses for small business and large enterprises alike. Plus with its cloud network architecture, your business can easily scale up and down as needed making it simpler for your IT department to deploy new infrastructures and services quickly and with minimal effort.

Leverage Aruba Central to manage and troubleshoot your corporate network with ease. It includes user-friendly deployment, management and orchestration tools developed for your network infrastructure as well as all modern cloud and on-premise software workflows. You also get AIOps full-service AI insights, alerts and reports necessary for the optimum running of every environment allowing you to enhance, for example, all cable, Wi-Fi and SD-WAN operations and quickly identify potential network and device issues.

Aruba AirWave is a leading multi-vendor management platform for on-premise campus environments offering detailed insights into wired and wireless networks and the status of connected mobile devices and even resolves network connectivity issues before anyone notices them. 

Aruba Network Access Control

Aruba Network Access Control is an automated solution for network enforcement that covers everything from device and user identification and wired and wireless access controls to attack detection to adaptive responses based on corporate policies. Thanks to being able to configure access rights, devices are granted either full or limited access to the network depending on role, security level and type to keep risks to an absolute minimum.


Employees are increasingly working in the cloud and it’s easy to lose an overview of what’s going on, which is why Aruba and Bechtle are offering a solution to centralise your network. With the Aruba Software-defined (SD) Branch solution, you can view and manage your entire IT infrastructure from a single point in the cloud making your corporate network more stable, organised and secure.

It also relieves your IT department and saves time and money. SD-WAN switches seamlessly between different networks and prioritises important applications.

This is the perfect solution for dispersed organisations where digitalisation is playing an ever-more important role such as in retail, hospitality and healthcare.

Aruba Edge Services Platform

More data than ever is being generated at the edge creating new opportunities to generate new business, but the flood of data can also present a challenge. The Aruba Edge Services Platform (ESP) is the industry’s first AI-based cloud-native platform that automates and protects the edge.

Aruba ESP brings together all wireless, wired and WAN network operations, provides valuable insights you can leverage to unearth business opportunities, boosts the network’s value for your customers, and optimises your security policies. It’s your sixth sense when it comes to identifying and resolving problems before they become an issue.

Aruba ESP supports your company when it comes to advancing your business priorities now and in the future with a secure, unified infrastructure as a service. This also allows you to overcome network limitations related to operations, management and security and maximise the performance of your corporate network at a lower price.


Aruba ESP

  • A uniform infrastructure in a single cloud-native platform
  • Zero-trust security
  • Artificial Intelligence Operations (AIOps)
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