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Powerful data centre solutions

Hyper-converged, software-defined, all flash arrays: The latest data centre solutions give the whole organisation a boost. More and more management processes can be automated and, therefore, simplified. The Bechtle Business Solutions team is on hand with brand-independent advice to help you with your data centre challenges.



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Software-defined data centres

Software is a crucial component of a data centre. A software-defined approach translates into an efficient data centre configuration in which, for example, servers, storage and networking are managed from a single portal. If you already use automated scripts or profiles for fast roll-out, there’s another advantage – the distribution between the server, network capacity and storage can be directly aligned with needs. The result: better use of capacity and, in turn, substantial savings, both in terms of time and cost.


Converged infrastructure / hyper-converged

In a converged infrastructure, the separate silos for server, storage and networking are combined in a single set of equipment, which is easy to manage and reduces the system footprint.

A hyper-converged solution is software-defined, meaning that efficient use is made of the data centre capacity. The investment in a converged or hyper-converged solution is quickly recouped, as the total cost of ownership (TCO) is lower than that of a traditional data centre.



All flash arrays: Packing a performance punch!

This storage solution uses flash memory chips, giving you two big advantages: Flash memory is both long-lasting and lightning fast, benefiting all users!

The costs of flash memory have fallen sharply in recent years. Find out more about the options today.

Flash storage helps customers look at their storage through fresh eyes. Our customers enjoy a higher ROI with flash storage, because processes are faster and more efficient. This helps them make the right decisions quicker and discover new business values.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Working with VDI creates an infrastructure that is easy to maintain. All applications run centrally, on the server, where data is also stored. Users can log in wherever they wish; thanks to graphics offloading capabilities, the information is displayed on their screen. The solution is secure and stable, without any compromise on performance, and adding new users couldn’t be simpler.


Hybrid cloud

The cloud helps you save money – because you pay only for what you actually use. It is also much easier to scale up or down, by adding or shedding capacity. What’s more, professional data centres for cloud storage are exceptionally well secured.

A hybrid cloud solution is a combination of a private cloud and a public cloud. Critical systems run in your own (private) data centre, while less critical data and applications run in a public cloud environment.


Single pane of glass management

In single pane of glass management, the server, storage and network are managed from a single application. Based on fixed profiles, each new server is automated and configured to the same standard: policy-based computing. The standardisation and automation of management processes via a central portal is also known as orchestration. This solution gives you optimum control over the entire IT environment!

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