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The most effective way to take advantage of all the benefits of a software-defined data centre (SDDC) is to draw up a proper migration plan, based on the action plan below.



Software-defined data centre migration plan


1. Ensure that costs and revenues are balanced:

Gradually add SDDC components to the existing data centre, rather than replacing the entire data centre all at once. This approach will prevent a spike in costs. The workload can also be migrated on the basis of the cost-benefit analysis.


2. Vision and roadmap.

Well begun is half done. So establish a clear vision for the implementation and make a roadmap: How will the organisation migrate to the SDDC?


3. Consolidate platforms.

One of the features of an SDDC is that it relies on software configuration to enable standard hardware to carry out the work for a variety of workloads. This reduces the number of hardware suppliers to a select few, whose products are made flexible by the SDDC platform.

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