Franklin Templeton – E-Procurement Across Europe

With over 160 employees in Germany (more than 1,100 in Europe and 8,500 worldwide), Franklin Templeton Investments is an international investment firm headquartered in the United States. Founded in 1992, its 2011 revenue totalled over $9 billion. One of 95 worldwide locations, its German offices are located in Frankfurt am Main. Procurement takes place through an authorisation workflow controlled from within the U.S. As each of the various European locations is responsible for procuring their own equipment, the customer was searching for an internationally established partner that also offers the possibility of placing certain orders online.

Project details.

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  • Professional Services
  • Financial / Insurance
  • >1,500 employees

Bechtle’s Solution

Bechtle was presented to Franklin Templeton Investments GmbH as a one-stop partner with solid representation in 14 European countries. The determining factors were Bechtle’s Europe-wide presence as well as the ease with which hardware, software and services could be ordered. Bechtle’s policy of providing a single, long-term contact person was a further argument in our favour.


The Benefits

Europe-wide support by competent account managers in the different countries.


  • Uniform procurement processes for all of Europe.
  • Customised portfolio in the portal (previously known as the bios® shop) / integration of manufacturers’ Global Agreements.
  • Solutions to server needs developed and equipment dispatched throughout Europe.


Franklin Templeton Investments GmbH is currently working with Bechtle in the following countries: Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Germany, with future expansion planned. The various Franklin Templeton Investments locations in Europe benefit from Bechtle’s expertise and many years of experience. They can also take advantage of Bechtle’s wide range of hardware and software with the option of obtaining product-related services as well.

Bogdan Trapp, IT Regional Technical Services Europe, Franklin Templeton Investment Services GmbH
Franklin Templeton.
“For many years now, Bechtle direct has been a strong IT procurement partner for our company.
For us, their Europe-wide presence adds to their value. We also work with Bechtle AG in Poland, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. The ability to get everything we need from a single source is a real advantage, and it confirmed our decision to work with them.”

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