Provided by Bechtle’s certified consultants, the Cisco Support Review is a comprehensive service that will identify support coverage on your Cisco estate. Once the initial data discovery is complete, Bechtle will present to you a report detailing key findings and offering recommendations to help secure and support your environment.

The report is run between Bechtle and Cisco, and has no impact on your estate. After presenting the findings, Bechtle will help you in consolidating your Cisco Support, should you wish to simplify ongoing management, potentially reduce the overall support cost, and avoid hardware falling out of coverage.

Data Discovery


Present Findings




Why choose this package?
  • To improve the security of your environment, by ensuring up-to-date firmware can be deployed
  • Guarantee that you have support coverage, to provide business continuity in the event of hardware failure
  • To improve compliance with both internal and external regulations
  • Simplify your contract management through single pane visibility
Why Bechtle?
  • One of Cisco’s largest European partners
  • Broad range of services, provided by certified engineers - End to end support across the entire Cisco portfolio
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