Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive package that bundles together features across Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility & Security. The functionality caters for organisations of all sizes with industry specific licensing available for education, government and non-profits. 

Navigating the world of Microsoft 365 and determining the right model and adoption strategy for your 
business can be challenging. Without the right plan in place, you may see wasted costs and functionality duplicated with other 3rd party tools. 

Bechtle’s Microsoft 365 Planning Workshop is designed to take you through the art of the possible and review how this may fit within your organisation. We will understand your business operations from 
key stakeholders to first line workers, building a clear adoption strategy to ensure that you achieve 
maximum optimisation of services, when migrating to Microsoft 365. 

Whether you are migrating from an on-premise environment or a competing cloud-based solution, 
this workshop is perfect for any organisation exploring the Microsoft ecosystem, looking for expert 
advice on where to begin and how to build a detailed plan to ensure maximised return on investment.

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Why choose this package?
  • Define your business objectives and pre-requisites for moving to Microsoft 365
  • Experience the art of the possible with all the functionality available in Microsoft 365
  • Understand the right licence mix for your business and define your user profile categories
  • Build a detailed adoption plan with cost considerations for budget forecasting
Why Bechtle?
  • One of Microsoft’s largest European partners
  • A Microsoft GOLD partner
  • Broad range of professional services, provided by certified engineers
  • End to end support across the entire Microsoft portfolio
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