The management of your IT can be a challenging task, and finding the time to perform routine, daily tasks can be an unwanted burden. With our Service-as-a-Service solutions, our team of engineers are on hand to support your team with the deployment and ongoing management of devices to save you time and free up your resources. Take a look at the options below:

Provisioning as a Service (PrvaaS)

Imagine if every device you received was configured and ready to plug into your network as soon as it arrives through the door.

With device Provisioning as a Service, we will perform factory tests, complete the initial IP management configuration, and label the devices ready for delivery to you. Plus, if you provide us with a configuration file, we’ll upload it to the device as part of the service.


Deployment as a Service (DepaaS)

We understand that it’s not always possible to have IT resources available to physically install devices at your home or offices 24/7.

With Deployment as a Service, we can act as a virtual extension of your project team, providing local engineering services such as device installations, onsite configurations, and the uploading of configuration files, plus we will also provide 60 minutes of acceptance testing.


Engineer as a Service (EngaaS)

If your critical infrastructure breaks down, you need the peace of mind in knowing that you have access to engineers for support.

With EngaaS, our engineers will be on call to visit your site or home and perform a spare part replacement as required, before configuring the unit for remote management connectivity. The engineer will stay onsite for an additional 60 minutes after the unit is swapped to act as local hands and eyes, supporting your remote IT team.


Why choose this package?
  • A hassle free solution that relieves your team of admin heavy, routine tasks
  • Vendor approved resources supporting your devices end-to-end
  • Tailor the entire deployment and on-going management to your requirements
  • No limits on location, the ability to support you virtually, on-site, or at your home
Why Bechtle?
  • Europe’s largest IT provider
  • Delivering infrastructure solutions for 30+ years
  • Broad range of professional services, provided by certified engineers
  • End to end support across industry leading IT infrastructure vendors
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