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A single platform for on-demand public and private cloud services?

Microsoft Azure Stack HCI.

Achieve the perfect balance of flexibility and control over your apps with Bechtle and Microsoft.

Businesses need effective and flexible environments to quickly and easily deploy applications and workloads when and where they are needed. Many companies rely on Microsoft’s public cloud service, Azure, to build modern architectures and modernise their existing apps. 


However, this may not be an ideal solution for some. Businesses may choose to run applications on-premise instead e.g. to align with technical prerequisites or comply with legal requirements.


Companies previously had to tread a tightrope between two words, but that is no longer the case. Microsoft Azure Stack HCI extends Azure to your data centre and enables you to work with consistent processes across cloud and on-premise environments to develop and deploy innovative applications. You decide where your data resides, while also benefitting from improved latency and the ability to deploy workloads in the public cloud or in your own infrastructure as needed.


Build on Azure Stack HCI, if you’re looking to modernise your data centre environment, develop your cloud strategy, and drive virtualisation and automation in your organisation.

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Today, a brief overview of Microsoft Azure Stack.


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What exactly is Azure Stack HCI?

Azure Stack HCI is a new HCI operating system (hyperconverged infrastructure) that is deployed as an Azure service on your own hardware. It offers the latest security, performance and hybrid features that now incorporate Azure Arc support and new management scenarios in the Azure portal. With the new thin provisioning feature, you’ll benefit from even more efficient use of your storage resources. You can deploy and run Windows and Linux VMs in your data centre or at the edge to continue to get the most out of your existing tools, processes and skill sets. Extend your data centre with Azure Backup, Azure Monitor and Azure Security Center in the cloud.

Azure Stack HCI

Typical Azure Stack HCI applications.


Microsoft Azure Stack
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Extend Azure into your data centre.

Get up and running quickly and easily with integrated Azure Stack systems from Dell EMC, HPE and Lenovo. Your benefit? These Microsoft partners are all long-standing Bechtle partners.