Modern-Workplace - Jan 26, 2021

Get Google ready with Bechtle.

by Tori West

Bechtle UK are excited to be able to expand our Google offering. We can now support you with hardware on your desk and meeting rooms, security in the form of Android Enterprise and with productivity tools to tie everything together for an end to end solution.

Let’s take a look at 3 key elements we think are a must for your office…


Google Workspace

Google Workspace, formally G Suite, offers endless possibility for productivity and makes it so easy to create, share and store all your basic needs in real time. Google have also created an optional voice add-on, meaning there is no need for various tools from multiple vendors to do the job. A great base that we are all familiar with.

Bechtle can also offer training and deployment management around Workspace to ensure that everyone is getting the most from these tools.


Meeting Rooms

I won’t use any cliches that we’ve been hearing for too long at this stage BUT making virtual and in person meetings merge seamlessly has become more important than ever. With a fantastic range of Google Meets hardware, we can support you in something for every sized room, every aesthetic, and every need.  Again, all supported and underpinned by services for training, installation and consultation.



Security has always been at the centre of Google in all flavours. But now Google are completing the circle and are releasing a mobile device management product - Android Enterprise, that is foundational to all devices. Google aren’t trying to compete with the all-encompassing MDM solutions in this area, but instead support businesses of all sizes reach the minimum-security requirements for under £2! Why would you leave your devices unsecured?



In summary, Google have bought a full package that Bechtle can now support you on from start to finish. Google and Bechtle - putting the fun in fundamental!

Written by

Tori West
Head of Modern Workplace


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This post was published on Jan 26, 2021.