In a world where security of data is top of mind, the security management capabilities available within Enterprise can offer additional secure layers to your user identity and data asset management.

Here’s a look at what Enterprise solutions with Adobe can provide:


Choose the identity type that is best for your organization


Enable the apps and services you want


Empower your users and meet security requirements


Assign, remove or reallocate users with ease


Get up and running, stay productive, establish best practices


Choose your Identity type.


Identity Type
Password Stored By
Account Owner
Organization Type

Adobe ID


Individual user

Small business

  • Users have complete control of their account
Enterprise ID



Midsize to large

  • SSO not required
Federated ID with Single Sign-On (SSO) Company Company Midsize to large company with existing enterprise directory
  • Reduced IT workload
  • Uses existing credentials and access rights
  • Enhanced security


Adobe ID is the only identity available with Teams plans.


Assign multiple roles for greater management control


System Admin

  • Acts as organization super user
  • Accesses all dashboard capabilities
  • Delegates administration functionality to other users as needed
  • Removes users

Deployment Admin

  • Creates, downloads and tracks deployment packages

Support Delegate

  • Accesses support-related information
  • Submits and tracks tickets
  • Schedules Expert Services

Product Admin

  • Administers product and services configuration description
  • Assigns users
  • Adds new users (may not remove users)



Extra options available with Enterprise



  • Claim a domain
  • Get a dedicated encryption key
  • Set password requirements
  • Configure SSO

Deploy your way – create user groups for apps and services then choose your deployment method

Enterprise Deployment


  • Strictly control software and updates
  • Resources to package and deliver software
  • Use pre-created packages or make your own
User Self Service


  • Reduce IT workload and avoid packaging software
  • No need to vet software releases before they are available to end-users

Receive a personal orientation call and deployment assistance; 24/7 support for IT admins; priority technical support; expert sessions for users and more.

Check out the Adobe Enterprise guide here for more information and speak to one of our Adobe licence specialists to discuss your options with evaluating Enterprise over Teams.

Zoe Robey

Software Licence Consultant


Maya Goodway

Business Solutions