Microsoft Teams Rooms Licensing Policy Enforcement Notice

From 1st July, 2023, customers who activated Teams Rooms devices, Surface Hubs, and executives in personal mode using a user license will be blocked from sign in. Prior to July 1st, customers must procure and provision a Teams Rooms Pro or Teams Rooms Basic (max 25 devices) license for continued service. Customers with legacy Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard or Teams Rooms Premium subscription licenses can reserve seats under their existing agreement to remain compliant.


Read here for more info on finding Teams Rooms devices with unsupported licenses.

CSP Customers to be Notified of MCA Acceptance

As of 15th April, when a partner attests to a customer’s acceptance of the MCA, the customer will receive an email notification from Microsoft informing them of the partner’s attestation.

Windows 365 Frontline Public Preview

Windows 365 Frontline is now available in public preview.


The Windows 365 service continues to evolve with new offerings such as Windows 365 Frontline, now in public preview. Customers are already finding value with this increased flexibility to meet the needs of shift workers. Windows 365 helps provide a secure, reliable Windows experience, whether employees or network guests are desk-based, mobile, or even share physical PCs or kiosks.


To register your interest please fill in the following form.


A limited number of customers can participate. The date for general availability will be announced as development progresses.