Important Changes to Microsoft Cloud and OnPrem Pricing.

Microsoft announced in October 2022 that they are in the process of aligning Cloud and OnPrem pricing with US dollar exchange rate levels.


The first price adjustment is coming 1st September, with the second following on 1st February 2024 – and is set to repeat on those dates going forward until further notice.

Outlook Vulnerability.

Microsoft’s Threat Intelligence team has published details of a vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook for Windows. However, a security patch is now available. Ensure you are taking the correct steps to keep your organisation safe.


Find more info here.

Microsoft 365 E3 PROMO - UPDATE.

An exciting promotion was announced by Microsoft offering 15% off the Microsoft 365 E3 cost until 30th June 2023.


There were some caveats that will continue to be in place post 31st May.


The discount is available to customers who haven’t previously purchased M365 E3 on any platform (legacy or NCE) or channel (direct, CSP, or Enterprise Agreement) or through a trial. The promotion is limited to the first 2,400 seats sold to eligible customers and only one partner can benefit from the promotional price when selling to a new-to-M365 E3 customer.


However, for a LIMITED TIME only, some of these caveats are being put on hold.

Exception eligibility requirements:

  • Customer must be purchasing > 250 seats in the original order, validation process includes tracking to confirm the additional seats have been applied to the subscription ID
  • Customer must not own greater than 10 seats of Microsoft 365 E3 currently, or have owned greater than 10 seats of Microsoft 365 E3 at any point in the last 24 months on either CSP or EA.
  • Customer must not be moving to >250 seats from an existing or expired Microsoft 365 E5 to Microsoft 365 E3
  • Cut off for exception requests is 4PM PST on 31st May 2023
  • We will not extend this manual intake process into June 2023

Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo Capabilities Add-On SKU Coming to CSP.

From 1st June, the Multi-Geo capabilities add-on SKU will be available on CSP NCE.


This will give customers the ability to meet global data residency requirements within their Microsoft 365 tenant. Customers can expand their Microsoft 365 presence to multiple regions within an existing Microsoft 365 tenant, through the creation of new satellite geography locations to host user’s data.

Microsoft Defender gets App Governance Included for FREE.

 From 1st June App Governance add-on feature for Microsoft Defender for Cloud apps will be included in Defender for Cloud Apps at no additional cost.


Organisations licensed with...

  • Microsoft 365 F5
  • Microsoft 365 E5
  • Microsoft 365 E5 Security/Compliance
  • EMS E5

...will now gain free access to what is currently a paid for license.