Bechtle introduces DAAS Mobile

Procure business mobile devices as a service from now on

Friday 30th April 2021


From today, Bechtle officially broadened its product and service range by adding mobile devices to their DAAS proposition. Smartphones and tablets are becoming indispensable means of communication in the workplace, especially now that we are increasingly working from anyplace, anywhere, at any time. Organisations need to adopt a central policy for this. In practice, however, we see that this is not always well arranged. DAAS Mobile offers a complete solution including hardware, accessories and services for a fixed monthly fee. This saves time for the IT manager, makes it easier to scale the product quantity and gives workers more freedom of choice in devices they’d like to use.


More and more people work on the go and they need their smartphone or tablet to manage their job. For some sectors this works easier and faster than carrying and using a laptop. Millennials and Gen Z demand flexibility, they just want to work at any time from everywhere and use different mobile devices to do that. This needs to be managed by the organisation for service and security reasons but also to keep a clear overview of the devices available within the company.


With DAAS Mobile the mobile device management will be all set up, which helps to simplify and centralise the companies IT management. There are various bundles of hardware (smartphones and tablets), accessories and IT lifecycle services available, so that every worker will get exactly what they like, want and need. If they choose to work with a tablet or mobile phone is all up to them. This will lead to an efficient workflow and more happy faces.


Working from your phone or tablet

A mobile phone is an integral part of our lives, we use it to work but also to relax and to play. Especially the new workplace generation attaches great importance to benefits such as a smartphone from their employer. Which smartphone it should be is very personal, everyone has their own preference and wants the right device that suits him or her.


Bechtle ensures companies that private and business data remains separate and that all company-specific information is secure when using DAAS Mobile. When you receive your phone or tablet, it will be all pre-set up. The devices stay up to date due to automatic software updates. In case of problems, end user support is offered and if there is a defect, you can easily use the next-business-day swap service. This way you ensure high productivity and satisfied employees.


DAAS (Device as a Service)

Device as a Service is similar to taking a subscription: you no longer have to invest in the purchase of a range of devices in advance but pay a fixed amount per workspace per month. This means that companies never pay too much. Besides the hardware costs, the monthly fee also includes IT lifecycle services such as swap, data wiping, reverse services and desk to desk support. Devices are delivered ready to use (to wherever you wish) and the device management will be taken care of.


European wide

DAAS Mobile was first launched in the Netherlands and from today (Friday 30th April), officially launches in Belgium, France, Spain, UK, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, CZ and Poland. As Bechtle operates internationally, smooth cooperation in services between different countries is assured.