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For many end users, this is the most interesting aspect of mobility. After all, who doesn’t enjoy choosing a new smartphone or tablet? When selecting your hardware, you should consider aspects such as:

  • Processor speed
  • Screen size
  • Which apps are used for which functions?
  • Battery life
  • Personal use of the smartphone. This can have a major impact on, for instance, a business app


Koen Buis

Workspace Consultant


T  +31 40 760 2873

Based on a thorough analysis of your requirements and preferences, we help organisations purchase the right hardware.


No matter what solution you are seeking, or how your organisation is structured, our workspace consultants are on hand for all your mobility-related issues. We work with our customers to investigate the best fit for the preferences of the organisation and its employees.

Choosing the right devices enables our customers’ employees to make maximum use of their device, both for business and personal purposes.

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