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Increasing numbers of organisations are opting for mobility solutions that are not tied to a particular location or vendor, and employees who can work wherever they wish and use brand-independent information and communication applications. A well-formulated policy – covering aspects such as data security, authorisation and management – is an important aspect of this approach.


The proper integration of a mobility infrastructure starts with proper foundations. Before you go ahead and purchase hardware and software, you should first consider:



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  • Standardisation, compliance
  • Management, security
  • Legislation, market developments
  • Developments within the organisation
  • Which functions do you want to make mobile?

Once you have drawn up a mobility policy, it’s important to take account of all the stakeholders, both within and outside your organisation. When you have finalised your strategy and policy, you can investigate which software, hardware and supporting services are needed to create a complete mobility solution.


No matter what solution you are seeking, or how your organisation is structured, our workspace consultants are on hand for all your mobility-related issues.

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If you get a clear policy in place first, you won’t have to deal with any unexpected issues further down the line. And you might save yourself a lot of money.